An Asgardian Murder Mystery
An Asgardian Murder Mystery
Title: An Asgardian Murder Mystery
Status: Finished
Synopsis: Fafnir the dragon attempts to use the souls of innocent Asgardians to fuel a portal to Nastrond.
Duration: January 2, 2014 - February 16, 2014
Participants: Balder, Loki, Frigga, Thor
Run By: Frigga
Additional Info: Thanks to Loki and Thor, Fafnir's well of power is now being stored in Odin's vault.
  • An ornate, golden dagger mysteriously appeared in citizens' homes. The person to find the dagger became possessed with the desire to kill their loved ones.
  • Balder, Loki and Thor worked together to discover the murder weapon.
  • After an unexpected visit from Dr. Strange, Frigga worked with the Sorcerer Supreme to track the weapon to its source.
  • Thor and Loki ventured to Nastrond to capture the well of power that created the ritualistic dagger. There, they found Fafnir the Fallen: Former King of Nastrond who was warped into a dragon by drinking from the well.
  • Thor and Loki managed to steal the well water and escape from Nastrond unharmed. Frigga sealed the errant portal behind them.
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