Alex Pettyfer
Played by: Alex Pettyfer
Name: Warren Worthington III
Codename: Angel
Alias: Warren
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Philanthropist
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Warren Worthington III is the scion of Worthington Industries, raised in wealth and privilege since his birth. Blonde, beautiful and sheltered, Warren had everything at his fingertips for the first part of his life. Well-educated and pampered, he was sent to boarding school while still quite young, his father largely absent, his mother having died while Warren was still very young. He mostly thrived, although he wasn't always as happy as he seemed. Shortly after the onset of puberty, though, everything changed. Warren began to feel strange itching and then pain in his back. He went to a variety of doctors, but no one seemed to have an explanation. Until the day shortly after he turned fourteen when he began to sprout the first feathers of the wings growing out of his body.

Realizing that his mutant hating father would never accept him as he was, Warren desperately hid his new condition. He strapped his wings down, binding them painfully even as they grew, even though it made it almost impossible to sleep at night. By the time he was sixteen, his life was daily agony. Then, one night, a fire in the dormitory nearly consumed the place. With several of his fellow students trapped, Warren had no choice but to help save them, using his wings to fly them to safety from the high reaches of the building. Clad in his nightshirt, there were those who called him an angel. When his father discovered the truth, though, he was nearly disowned. Luckily, Charles Xavier intervened.

Warren found at home at Xavier's school and learned there how to use his powers of flight for good. He became an X-man, fighting the good fight and along the way made friends and allies that lasted him to this day. Once he reached adulthood, Warren pursued higher education. When his father died, he found, to his surprise, that he remained in the old man's will, the two reconciling just beforehand, and he has become a young man of great wealth. He has used his wealth to pursue a life of philanthropy and good works - and, along the way, used his instinct for wise investment to grow his wealth even further. He's also become something of a role model, as he has chosen to hide no more and to wear his mutant truth on his sleeve - or, more accurately, his back. What the long term consequences will be of his coming out remains to be seen.

Warren Logs
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