April O'Neil
Ebba Zingmark
Played by: Ebba Zingmark
Name: April O'Neil
Codename: Sunny Rose
Alias: Sunny Rose
Race: Human
Team: Channel 6 News TEam
Occupation: Reporter
Additional Info: Famous for being the 'reporter with the firey hair' and for her hard hitting internet blog/podcast

April's father was a brilliant scientist and teacher. April's mother was
an avid historian and lover of anthropology and archaelogy. As a child,
when April wasn't in her mother's antique store, she was in her father's
classroom… or with either of her parents in a library searching for
answers to whatever her parents were seeking at the time.

April grew up loving books and researching to find the answers to
questions she had and this was only aided by quality parents that treated
their only daughter with respect and love.

When April was ten her mother contracted cancer and fought
hard for 6 months, but passed away just before Christmas of that year.
At age fifteen her father passed away in a lab accident, leaving her
parentless and forced to move in with relatives. At age 18, April enrolled
in a new Berkeley campus in Manhattan and she has just recently graduated.

Now, on her own, April is using what her parents taught her to
apply it to her own goals in life, to become a seeker of truth and to
spread it through quality journalism about all the madness going on in
their world. April's stubborn resilence is the fuel that fires her flame
and her wits are what keep her alive.

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