Asgardian Blues
Asgardian Blues
Title: Asgardian Blues
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis: Hydra agents have a happy blue cube and Loki got a taste of it. Oh dear.
Duration: When did it start - When did it end
Participants: Cecilia, Chamber, Doctor Strange, Dominique, Frigga, Hawkeye, Hulk, Kitty Pride, Loki, Nova, The Cuckoos, Thor, Tyr, Phantasm, Wasp
Run By: Loki
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  • Loki is exposed to an energy from a mysterious cube emitting blue energy, causing for something called The Intelligence to take over Loki's body. Folks have figured out the what, when, and who. Now they're looking for the where and why.

Important Events/Dates

  • May 28 - Hydra attacks a building (Hard to miss when they keep going 'Hail Hydra'). During fight, a sleep walking ish Loki comes across the scene and is exposed to an object emitting a blue glow from a suitcase. Promptly passes out.
  • June 2nd - Loki exhibiting slight memory loss of the incident of May 28th. Mentions seeing a cube and getting a pleasant sensation from it. Like a drug
  • June 3rd - Grand Central Station is attacked by giant skeleton demon thing. Demon was subdued by The Cuckoos, Ktty Pride, Chamber, and Loki, using a blue energy that is not normal to him. During the fight, Mike Hannigan was stabbed and afterwards when Loki confronted another person in the process of removing Hannigan from the scene, he was stabbed as well. Knives are a matching set.
  • June 17th - Bruce Banner and Kitty Pryde, with the assistance of a SHIELD technician review data extracted from the blue energy that Loki was exposed to. The energy has been determined to show signs of cosmic intelligence. It is also determined that said intelligence is trying to take over the host and that the energy has addictive properties.
  • June 17th - Thor with the assistance of Dr. Strange and Phantasm, retrieve Loki and bring him to Asgard. Phantasm speaks to Loki from within his dream where it's revealed that a being called 'The Intelligence' is taking over Loki's body. The cube is also described. The information is relayed to Frigga who reveals that the cube may be a cosmic cube. Loki goes through an exorcism.
  • June 18th - While Loki is recovering in the Healing room, Thor and Phantasm talk with him. After verifying what the soldiers that exposed Loki to energy were wearing, all signs point to Hydra having the actual cube.
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