Daughter of Krypton
Played by: none
Name: Laura Kent
Codename: Atalanta
Alias: Atalanta
Race: alien
Team: Titans
Occupation: Student
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In another world and time…well actually another world and THIS time…lived a young woman named Laura Kent. Her parents were Clark Kent, Television Anchor and secretly the World's Greatest Hero, and Lois Lane, a newspaper reporter.

Laura always felt like a disappointment to her parents, not that she felt any less loved, but she always knew she would never measure up to her father, since she had no super powers. That is why she chose to emulate her mother, even to the point of becoming a cub reporter at the Daily Planet.

On her parent's 20th wedding anniversary, things changed. She discovered she could rip open a locked steel desk with her bare hands, see through a bus, hear her mother crying in the bathroom (due to being upset about finding she is pregnant just when she was preparing to resume a more active career), and remove a holographic display and replace it with another faster than the human eye could follow.

Laura decided not to interrupt her parent's anniversary by sharing her news. She further decided to test her limits before discussing her powers with her parents. That was a mistake as she wound up here, in this world, with no notion how to get back to her own…

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