Ember 'Wishfire' Reynolds
Ember Siobhan Essex-Reynolds
Tatiana Maslany
Played by: Tatiana Maslany
Name: Ember
Codename: Aura/Wishfire
Alias: N/A
Race: Enhanced Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: N/A
Additional Info: This page's info is current for Ember's various traits. In-game information is outdated.

Prior History
Ember's parents were the kind of bedtime story match that everyone wants to think will always end perfectly. Upper class girl falls for blue collar boy and baby makes a family. Except the blue collar boy had a temper when he wasn't working and upper class girl was the kind to keep up appearances with a degree of skill that would make the Stepford Wives blush with envy. Didn't help that she had the 'dad wanted a son' and 'poor kid tossed into the rich kid's world' cards played into the pot, either. So when she started having fainting spells and losing all of her hair before her 12th birthday, that just added a new layer of suck in the form of her powers emerging. A steady diet of beatings, including the only period of time where her mother struck her, pushed her into some basic control over things but it crystalized her intention of turning things around for herself.
Maybe because her mother had never hit her before that first summer as a mutant, but she decided that she was going to start there. She started making it seem like mom was talking to men that dad warned her to stay away from when she was talking to a neighbor woman or sometimes even when she was all alone. She'd intended for things to get violent between her parents and for it to lead to a divorce. What Ember ended up with was a dead mother from dad chasing her into the street in front of a bus and her mother's grandparents making certain that she and her dad were cut off in all ways. And we remember that dad got worse when he was out of a job, right?
Fortunately for her, Ember learned from the mistake she made by playing with the fire of her father's temper. With no desire to end up like dear departed mom, she started doing the one thing that her mother would never have approved of: she started making it obvious what had always been going on at home. She knew better than to just start blabbing about the abuse, but instead started using her illusions to not only hide her changing appearance but to emphasize her bruises. Then she just let teachers, cops, and judges take their nature course. She did her homework and got a child advocate who helped her push for and receive emancipated minor status. And then her father did her work for her again: He went out drinking a few weeks later and got himself killed in a bar fight.
Knowing enough to know that she should maybe not give folks time to think things over very much, she got a lawyer to sell the house while she started sending out applications to every out of the way private school she could find east of the Mississippi River to put as much space between her and anyone who knew her. So now it's time to start answering letters and ringing doorbells of any place she can get to take her in. Like this Xavier Institute place she read about. Very private, very back of beyond, and almost two thousand miles from home. If it works out, could be the perfect place for her to fade out a bit.
2014: How much living can you pack into dying?
Ember's first few days around Manhattan were filled with a mixture of boredom and outright weirdness. Exposed to a variety of oddities in a short period of time, culminating in her acceptance of a place in the student body of the Xavier Institute. She very shortly thereafter learned that the school was a boarding house and training facility for mutants as well as the high end private school she thought was its only identity. She was introduced to the staff members present over the summer break as well as some students, both old and new. She was also introduced via random encounter to two denizens of Asgard; Thor and Loki. At this initial meeting, Ember found in Loki a somewhat kindred spirit. She can't be certain what he saw in her other than a fellow illusionist with trickster leanings, but he offered to help her hone her abilities beyond the already high levels she had achieved on her own. She accepted, glad for the offer.
To say that this relationship didn't go over well at Xavier's would be understating things a bit.
Not that Ember had many chances for this disapproval to be communicated to her, as for the most part the Institute was largely empty for the summer. She spent most of her time either alone of talking with another student who arrived shortly after her, named Drake. The pair of them had a few misadventures that resulted in Ember becoming rather seriously injured. As these injuries were healing, Ember noticed herself becoming more sluggish and easily exhausted. Under her personal illusions she could see in her true form the signs that her mutation was slowly but steadily destroying her body. This only drove her to live harder as she was no longer the type to just passively let things happen. This caused her to seriously bump heads with Drake, who saw her determination and stubbornness as a tendency towards suicide (which it was not) and general bitchiness (which was a fair conclusion).
There was also the problem with the approaching End Of The World(tm).
For all that Ember was a fan of spending time learning from Loki, she was never blinded to the fact that he was at his core Not a Nice Guy. And as time passed, he seemed to become even more erratic and insane than even the adults in her life tried to warn her about. He spent much of his time drunk (a truly impressive feat for an Asgardian drinking Earth booze) and ranting about how he didn't want to destroy the world. Ember did what she could to try and help, which didn't amount to as much as she would have liked. But it seems that Loki did take notice of her efforts in his own way. One day at the Institute Ember received a gift from a secret admirer; a crystal snow globe that pulsed with green energy and vanished as soon as she touched it. After this moment she began to get flashes of Loki's moods and restlessness. Several times she found herself wandering the city with no memory of getting there, but usually in time to find herself fighting frost giants or other enemies passing into the world through rifts. And then a few weeks later, while she was relaxing at the Institute with another new student she felt the Sounding of the Gjallarhorn that announced the start of Ragnarok.
Like many others, Ember spent the bulk of the time after that trying to stop the gradually strengthening hordes of the Nine Realms as they pushed through into Midgard to do their part in the Ending of Worlds. Each battle pushed her powers to greater heights while simultaneously causing the acceleration of her physical collapse. She was growing afraid that she would die before knowing if the end of the world could be stopped, but no matter how near death she felt something literally inside of her kept holding her back from the brink. Something not a part of her and yet connected to her being quite simply would not allow her to perish. And so she found herself standing among many others when Jormangund, the World Eater appeared in the skies above Earth.
For all that it was the single most intense and terrifying part of her life to date, Ember doesn't have many clear memories of what was later simply called the Battle of Ragnarok. She had just figured out how to fly, so she was one of a bare few people who faced Jormangund directly. There wasn't any real coordination between them, just everyone pouring their hearts and souls into the fight. She remembers feeling herself starting to lose power and then a great final surge of effort. And then nothing but the sensation of falling and fading away. She stopped fighting her death now that she knew she'd been a part of something worth dying for.
2015: Drops of Jupiter
To say that Ember didn't expect to ever wake up again is an understatement. She certainly didn't expect that she would wake up in the basement of a Greenwich Village brownstone with the Sorcerer Supreme and Loki bombarding her with a torrent of mystic energies. Discovering she no longer had a body was almost an afterthought to learning she didn't die at the Battle of Ragnarok. Instead it seems her powers used the energy to trigger a transformative state that changed her into a being composed entirely of energy instead of matter. She also learned that the force that had connected her to Loki for several weeks was a mystic implant of sorts. Memories and personality placed inside of her by Loki as a hedge against his death during Ragnarok. Looking back later she was torn between anger at being used, flattery that he would consider her a strong candidate for surviving the end of the world, and a kind of admiration for the complexity and outright sneakiness of the plot.
After a brief initial acclimation to her new state of being, Ember attempted to return to the Institute in order to see who else managed to make it through alive and see what she could do to help in the aftermath.
This did not go as planned.
Every time Ember traveled over any long distance, or whenever she wasn't focused on something immediate in the physical world she would find herself 'drifting' between points in time. While to her only moments had passed, others experienced longer periods of time. And even in the times where she was in sync with the world around her, she seemed to be getting further distanced from those she had known. Frustration piled upon mixed signals and eventually culminated in a blow up between herself and a member of the Institute staff which ended up with her being kicked out. She arranged with a friend to store the few belongings that actually meant something to her. Then with no real reason for her to remain anchored to the physical, she stopped trying to ground herself in her old life. She surrendered to her new state as a being of energy and left Earth to figure herself out.
Becoming the Fire
It would be incredibly difficult to put into words the experiences that Ember had while exploring the solar system. Suffice it to say that when you can sense all of the energies that ebb and flow from and between the sun, planets, and moons… when you can see, hear, taste, and feel them as your previous self would enjoy a warm bath… well, just suffice it to say.
She would have stayed out much longer except for one realization and one major event. The realization was that she was becoming lonely. The solar system might sing to her, but it couldn't carry a conversation. The major event isn't something she's really ready to talk about to anyone just yet. It happened while she was spending some time sun bathing… inside the sun… and put her on the path of returning to Earth to do… something she hasn't really settled on yet.

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