Avenger's Mansion
Avengers Mansion
Avengers Mansion
Additional Info: A pretty cool place to live. Except when Hawkeye eats the last of Hulk's cookie supply.

The large wrought iron gates open up into a circular driveway with a large fountain in the middle. At the end of the driveway is a small parking lot where visitors can park their vehicles.

It is monitored from all sides by cameras, and every vehicle's license plate and VIN numbers are stored just in case. The area is well maintained with a medium height row of bushes, just to provide a little more privacy.

The large wrought iron gates are chained up allowing people to see a circular driveway with a large cracked fountain in the middle. The remains of the Avengers Mansion is in ruins and not safe for anyone to explore.

On the gates a plaque is mounted with the words - Never forgotten…

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