Baron Zemo
Helmut Zemo
Mads Mikkelsen
Played by: Mads Mikkelsen
Name: Baron Helmut J. Zemo, 13th Baron of Zeulniz
Codename: Baron Zemo
Alias: Unknown
Race: Human
Team: Hydra
Occupation: Scientist / Terrorist / Assassin
Additional Info: An unscrupulous scientist with questionable ethics who was villified during the second world war. His current identity is known only to a select few.



  • Fall of the Barony

In the wake of the great war the former German Empire was a crumbling ruin. The nobles formerly at the head of state were lords of dust and corpses and poverty sunk the country into a deep depression. When 1919 came, the noble class lost official recognition and lived on as the surnames of a new class of disenfranchised commoner. So it came to be that Heinrich Zemo, 12th Baron of Zeulniz and an officer of the Imperial Army, became a common scientist.

  • Reconstruction

Heinrich associated with many of the other nobles that found themselves wandering alone, making close friends with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker in particular. The scientist and the soldier found common ground in their rage and, while both worked to rebuild what they could, they made valuable allies. Heinrich revolutionized the scientific community along with another german scientist, Doctor Arnim Zola. When Adolph Hitler started his meteoric rise to power he wisely courted many of the nobles; among them, Zemo and Strucker.

  • The Third Reich

Heinrich brought his son and protege Helmut along with him, ensuring that his heir apparent shadowed his every step and digested as much as he could of the elder Zemo's research. Likewise, Helmut had been tutored in his youth by Strucker in the science of warfare. When Strucker, Heinrich, and a young Johann Schmidt were selected to helm the newly formed Hydra, Helmut was elevated from the ranks of the SS to join them. In his new role he clashed with countless allied operatives, including Steven Rogers, James Barnes, and Sergeant Nicholas Fury. Despite what successes Hydra enjoyed throughout the war, faulty leadership in Nazi Germany and a continued onslaught by the Allied Forces led to eventual defeat. While the Wehrmacht was disbanded and trials held to prosecute war criminals, Hydra's leadership went into hiding.

  • South America

With Schmidt believed dead in the aftermath, Strucker and the Barons Zemo established a hidden stronghold deep in the Amazon. Zola and Heinrich continued to push the boundaries of their grasp of science until Hydra, with the vast network of resources and secret technologies, had grown centuries ahead of the rest of humanity. In the decades that followed, Hydra continued to splinter and grow until it existed as a separate, shadow entity operating beneath most world governments.

  • Contemporary Terrorism

Helmut was assigned his own terror-carrier dreadnought by Baron Strucker, now the Supreme Hydra, and directed to commence preparations for Hydra's resurgence. Given the compartmentalized structure of the organization, Helmut set his own parameters and created a subculture within the ranks, crafting his own division of troops and heavily modifying the carrier.

Baron-Zemo Logs
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