Rose Leslie
Played by: Rose Leslie
Name: Barbara Gordon
Codename: Batgirl
Alias: Babs
Race: Human
Team: None
Occupation: Librarian
Additional Info: n/a

Barbara was raised by her father Jim Gordon. She had a rather basic childhood for a Gotham middle-upper class child. She idolized her father who treated her like a princess. She loved his job and always imagined that she would one day become a police officer and clean the streets up of Gotham just like Dad.

In her teenage years, Barbara began to work on her physicality as much as her education. She started learning hand to hand 'use of force' skills from her father's Police trainers (family friends) and she also was deep into Gymnastics and Swimming at school. By the time she reached college she was a very talented woman, at the top of her class in grades and an impressive athelete.

Barbara is currently 21 years old and still attending classes at Gotham City Uniersity. She's working on a Law Degree.

Barbara helped save Bruce Wayne from a criminal attack during a public event one fateful evening. It was a costume party, and Barbara was dressed in a female Batgirl costume… the irony wasn't lost on Bruce and he eventually came to find her as Batman. Since Barbara idolized him, she was instantly infatuated and eventually convinced him to take her on as a student/partner.

Barbara works with Batman (and any others who subsequently also do). She trains in the Bat Cave and stalks the streets of Gotham City at night looking for Criminals to thwart.

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