The Dark Knight
Christian Bale
Played by: Christian Bale
Name: Bruce Wayne
Codename: Batman
Alias: Batman
Race: human
Team: Gotham
Occupation: The Dark Knight
Additional Info: "A Hero Forms" - (feat. J.T. Machinima) by TryHardNinja

Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City. The Waynes were a founding family of Gotham, and had money dating back generations, as well as influence. His father was a well-known doctor, and the founder of Wayne Enterprises, which he wanted to use to help better the city. Bruce was a good kid, for the most part, and he attended one of the private schools in the city.%r%tBruce and his parents were leaving a special showing of the Mask of Zorro at 10:47 pm, when a masked gunman shot them both dead in Crime Alley. The man, later identified as Joe Chill, would be stabbed to death in prison over some random slight. Bruce Wayne would never get revenge for his parents horrid murder.

He was taken home and raised by his butler, the caring Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce was broken by all of this, and it helped shape him into the man he would become. At 14 he ran away from home, and he traveled the world. He moved all over the globe, learning thievery and stealth, as well as studying in libraries he snuck into and all sorts of things. Eventually he was taken into a monastery, where he trained extensively in martial arts. He returned, finally, to Gotham City in his early twenties, and he was welcomed home by Alfred. He moved to get involved with Wayne Enterprises, and he worked to depose a few corrupt individuals who had taken over. He also started going out at night to fight crime. The first few times he did so he got his butt kicked, and he ended up deciding he needed more then just fists to get the job done. As he considered it all, broken and beaten, a bat crashed through the window into the study. He decided to become Batman.

Over the years since then he has become a shining beacon for Gotham City. The city is still corrupt and dark, but it has come a LONG way since he started. He has raised several Robins, who have mostly gone off to become other heroes…or died. He has also joined the Justice League. A lot has happened…and there is still so, so much more to do…

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