Bayville Mall
Bayville Mall
Bayville Mall
Additional Info: Shop til you drop

This mall is done up in a lot of white marble. The floors are a decrative white marble and are inlaid with wild designs at every entrance to the mall as well as in the food court and every corridor intersection.

Also at every corridor intersection is a different kind of fancy water fountain that spews water up into the air or lets it fall gently down through a series of pools and styleized waterfalls.

This mall is clearly a 'wealthy mall' or at least delivered in that fashion and it has a large amount of traffic visiting, espcially on the weekends.

Mall security guards patrol the corridors in their yellow and black uniforms with 'Public Safety' written in black on the back of their yellow polo shirts.

  • Victoria's Secret
  • Spencer's Gifts
  • Sho0z
  • Party Time Gifts
  • Arcade
  • Food Court

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