Black Canary
The Scream Queen
Diana Agron
Played by: Diana Agron
Name: Dinah Lance
Codename: Black Canary
Alias: Dinah
Race: Metahuman
Team: none
Occupation: Florist/Vigilante
Additional Info: "Scars. You'd have to go under the knife to remove those. But the psychological disfigurement — no blade for that. Except the cutting edge of life itself. Otherwise, you remain a cheerless bird in a gilded cage. Truly… a Black Canary."

Dinah Laurel Lance is the daughter of Dinah Drake, the original Black Canary and Larry Lance, a Gotham City police detective, Like her mother, she quickly developed into a remarkable athlete and fighter, Weaned on tales of glory by a long string of JSA babysitters, the young Dinah was determined to follow in her mother's footstep,. As a young teen, she began training at night with Ted 'Wildcat' Grant as well as picking up tips from many of her other 'Uncles' in the JSA family, though her true gift was in Judo, All behind her mother's back, of course, Not that the secrecy would last long, When her mom found out there was a wonderful shouting match, during which the younger Dinah's latent metagene manifested itself, By blasting her parents through the living room wall with her sonic scream, While this discovery guaranteed her mother would forever lose the argument as to whether her daughter was superhero material, the two women became estranged for several years after the younger Dinah donned fishnets and leather and became the new Black Canary, With the need for secrecy gone, Dinah threw herself headlong into her new super-heroine role.

Dinah Logs
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