Black Cat
Black Cat
Played by: ??
Name: Felicia Hardy
Codename: Black Cat
Alias: Felicia
Race: human
Occupation: their job
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Felicia was born in Flushing, NY, to Walter and Lydia Hardy. The former an infamous cat burglar with an extensive list of successful thefts.
She was influenced greatly by her father, who instilled in her to always strive to be the best in her endeavors and never settle for anything less.
Going to college at Empire State University, Felicia began to date a boy named Ryan after he had rescued her from a traumatic event.
After taking it slow for a while, Ryan decided it was time for their relationship to the next step, a decision Felicia wasn't apart of, nor agreed with.
Felicia hated the feeling of powerlessness so much she began to learn many fighting styles and even acrobatics, realizing the combination could be very dangerous.
She trained this way for quite a way, nearly a year of driven and focused training and the time had come for her to get her revenge, except that Ryan, had been killed earlier.
With the chance for revenge removed, Felicia makes up her mind to use her skills to start her own career of crime, mimicking her father.
Felicia is very successful in her new career, making a very solid living and getting better after each job.
Upon learning her father is in jail and dying, Felicia takes drastic action to spring him from the joint. Creating the figure 'Black Cat' to do so and protect her own identity.

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