Blue Beetle
CEO of KORD Industries
Zachary Levi
Played by: Zachary Levi
Name: Theodore Stephen "Ted" Kord
Codename: Blue Beetle
Alias: Ted, tk, and Blue Beetle
Race: human
Team: Justice League
Occupation: Socially Awkward Inventor CEO by day. Bombastic Blue Bug-Themed Superhero by night.
Additional Info: BWA-HA-HA-HA!

Ted Kord was born in Chicago to a well to do family. His father was the successful owner of a moderate research and development company and his mother was a wealthy socialite who was constantly involved in museum projects. The young boy was allowed many opportunities in life and was doled upon by his loving parents. Ted excelled in all things academics, though shied away in most social situations. He spent much of his time inventing and tinkering around in his fathers workshop. He was still a young child, though he seemed to have all the worry of an older person. Constantly on edge about whether to join his fathers ever growing company, or start a career all his own, the child would bury himself in tedious academic work even at a young age. Though he was brilliant, his parents decided he should stay on a regular academic schedule and would not skip grades or classes. His mother and father felt it would be best if he stayed with his own peer group, as to avoid developing any kind of social problems.

He began to grow into a brilliant young man, and was even able to offer financial and technological advice to his father. He was an instant hit at the company, and spent much of his time observing and interacting with the researchers and scientists at work. It was during this time that both the boy and the company began to blossom. As the company grew, Ted and his family began to move often. This began to cause problems for Ted, the very social problems his family had once hoped to avoid. He moved from Chicago to New York to Houston and so on. Every time a new branch of KORD Industries opened, his family moved to that location. The quiet and brainy child had few friends, and he began to get bullied and picked on constantly.

Ted had a close relationship with his paternal grandfather, whom was a World War II pilot. he would listen to his grandfather for hours, and often dreamed of a day when he would pilot a plane himself. It was his grandfather who encourage Ted to defend himself, teaching him various self defense strategies and even enrolling him in various martial arts classes. Ted excelled at this training, and was soon a force to be reckoned with. Still, he preferred to solve his problems with words rather than fists.

Years later, the passing of his grandfather hit the young boy hard. He became disconnected from the majority of his family and friends. He was an unhappy and withdrawn person, ignoring interests he once was so very passionate about. He became even more obsessed with the idea of becoming a pilot, hoping to honor his grandfather. In an attempt to alleviate her sons burgeoning pain and mourning, his mother began to introduce him to the wonders that the museums she was benefactor to held within. Ted was instantly hooked.

Dan Garrett was a family friends, and had worked closely with Teds mother for years at the museum. He was a renowned archaeologist, and he invited Ted to an archaeological dig. Like so many interests before, Ted was drawn into this fascinating world and excelled at this as well. It soon became a tradition that he would spend every summer with Garrett on digs around the world. It seemed Ted was back to his old self.

During their time spent together, Dan Garrett often told the teenager stories of the old golden age hero the Blue Beetle. He was fascinated with the presumably make believe stories, often adding to the stories himself. It became a favorite past time between the two, each one trying to outdo the others in creating over the top tales of the superhero.

What Ted didn't know was that that Dan had actually BEEN the Original Blue Beetle.

Dan was mortally injured defeating a robot army built by Ted's uncle on an island they were surveying for a dig. Defeating his uncle's plot, Dan charged Kord with carrying on the legacy and the battle of the Blue Beetle. Ted took this passing of a legacy seriously, promising to do all in his power to carry on the tradition. Unfortunately, Kord was unable to use the scarab that gave the Beetle his powers, so instead Ted spent years training and conditioning himself, and constructed his own costume and equipment to become the new Blue Beetle.

It was fun being a hero for a while, writing wrongs and kicking butt and taking names. But it wasn't very long ago that Ted's father passed away and the company went into dire straits. So The Blue Beetle disappeared for a while as Ted took the reigns of K.O.R.D. Industries. The company has seen it's up and downs (Ted not being the best business man even if he was a great inventor) but lately the company has seen a bit of an upswing and Ted has been feeling that maybe, just maybe, It's time for the Blue Beetle to return.

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