Adam Baldwyn - Serenity
Played by: Adam Baldwyn - Serenity
Name: Nathan Summers
Codename: Cable
Alias: Nathan Dayspring
Race: Mutant
Team: TBA
Occupation: Mercenary, Freedom-Fighter
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Nathan Summers is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey - and has spent most of his life in the future. Infected with a techno-organic virus at birth, his parents were forced to send him away to a time and place in which he could receive the care he needed to survive - which he did, among the Askani. As a result, the Nathan "Nate" Summers of the Present appears much older than both his parents, having grown up in a different timeline.
Nate spent his life in constant warfare with the immortal mutant known as Apocalypse. Going by the name 'Cable', he became a champion for good - willing to do whatever it took in order to keep innocents safe from the tyranny of monsters like Apocalypse. With the technology of the future at his disposal, he teleported through both time and space, chasing a multiple threats until the time-stream brought him to Present-Day New York.
After which, his time-travelling device ceased working.

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