Captain America
Captain America
Chris Evans
Played by: Chris Evans
Name: Steve Rogers
Codename: Captain America
Alias: Steve, Captain, and Cap
Race: Metahuman
Team: Avengers
Occupation: Sentinel of Liberty
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Steve was born in Brooklyn on July 4, which might well have seemed to be an omen of sorts. He was a small, scrawny child who grew into a small, scrawny, asthmatic boy with glasses, near-sighted and weak. With a talent for art, some thought he would never amount to much, although his teachers encouraged him. It was definitely still possible in those days to make a living as a cartoonist. Much of his childhood was spent on the streets of Brooklyn, getting picked on (and often protected by his best friend James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes) and fighting back, then regretting it, then fighting back some more.
When the war broke out, Steve wanted to fight and, indeed, tried to enlist, but he was marked a 4-F and told the best way to serve his country was from a desk somewhere. Not accepting that, he argued the point over and over again, trying multiple recruiting centers, even using a false name. His bulldog tenacity was noticed - by General Chester Phillips, who thought he might be a candidate for Project: Rebirth - a project to create a super-soldier. Steve was chosen to receive the experimental serum designed by Dr. Abraham Erskine. It worked. Steve was transformed into the perfect human being…and soon afterwards, Erskine was murdered by a Nazi spy. Erskine died without writing everything down, and the Allies were unable to duplicate the serum.
Steve was, thus, the only super-soldier created from Erskine's work - and he was transformed into a patriotic superhero, a symbol of American might…and right. In this role, he fought in the war, alongside the Howling Commandos, and basically? He killed Nazis. He was a young soldier, forced into something bigger than himself and facing down the nightmares…especially the apparent death of Bucky Barnes…with the same resolve he had used to fight against his own disability.
Then Steve himself was MIA, presumed killed. The plane he was in was shot down over the north Atlantic. Life went on. The title of Captain America was briefly held by others, although the iconic shield, made from unique alloys, had been lost with the original. Then…Steve Rogers was found, buried in a block of ice. The serum had allowed him to survive being frozen and kept him in stasis. Waking up in the 21st century, he found he had a lot to deal with. It's been a couple of months, and he's back in his role as Captain America. He doesn't fight Nazis any more, though, he fights super powered criminals, and he fights under the new rules of doing his best to arrest not kill. Which suits him better anyway.

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