No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Dyson Lonsdale III
Codename: Carbon
Alias: Dyson and Carbon
Race: Mutant
Team: n/a
Occupation: Senior Student
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Dyson Lonsdale (Junior) was an american soldier who was injured by a bioweapon while on deploymment. Discharged, he found himself dispossessed of the American government and began hitchhiking his way north, through Canada, towards Alaska to start a new life. Along the way he met a young Sharon-Lee and, falling in love, the two were quickly married and he decided to stay in the Canadian Rockies. Just over a year later Sharon-Lee was rushed to teh hospital, her health and the pregnancy in danger. Airlifted to Vancouver specialists performed an emergency c-section and Dyson Lonsdale III. It was obvious that their sone was different, some sort of freak mutation, his grey skin almost impervious (they had to use a diamond edge cranial saw to cut the umbilical cord) and his stretgth was enough to cause internal bleeding within his mother from his movements.

The mutant phenomenon, still undr wraps, was of great interest to the government and almost immediately the Canadian government deemed his parents unfit and unable to raise a 'special needs' child and made him a ward of the province. He was housed and raised in a special facility that was at times part exhibit and other times part research laboratory. By day he was essentially a tourist attraction and by night scientists were trying to unlock the secrets of his unique bio-carbon structure and the limit of his abilities.

It took almost 10 years of legal wrangling and the help of volunteer experts in the areas of civil law, genetics, and even the media before his parents won back custody and a very large settlement. Immediately they inundated with offers from a number of interests groups in the us and canada to aid with Dyson's raising and education, including a Charles Xavier and representatives from the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. But his parents refused. The family (now including an apparently non-mutant younger daughter five years Dyson's junior) moved him back to the ancestral farm and ranch in in the Rockies and Dyson spent the following years living a rural lifestyle away from the media, protected by family and the local townspeople whom had sided with his family since his birth. He only ventured further, once a year, on a trip abroad for third party medical examination by a non-government third party, a Doctor Henry McCoy, since they felt Dyson's condition needed monitoring as he got older and they didn't trust a Government Sanctioned group to do so.

Enrolled in the small local school Dyson made a few friends, mainly among the nerds, geeks and freaks to whom he showed great loyalty. He immersed himself in comics and books, both fiction and non fiction and only interacted with the world outside his small group of friends by living vicariously through television and the internet when he wasn't helping his father on the ranch. Over time his media celebrity faded to a few ed-op peices avery few months, then one a year if that.

During his graduating year the government scientist (revealed to be in charge of a subsidiary of Department H) who had been in charge of his childhood incarceration and then 'let go' by his employers hired mercenaries to take his family hostage to blackmail Dyson into coming back to his organization, A fight ensued and Dyson's father and a friend of his were caught crossfire. This threw Dyson into a rage and he subdued the entire merc squad with only a single member surviving. RCMP and then SHIELD agents arrived to take control of the situations aftermath but Nolan's mother, grieving and scared fro her chidl, had made a call to Charles Xavier who had made the offr to help her son so many years before. With his 'help', Dyson was exonerated of the deaths by fault of self-defense and then whisked away to his school where a scared but resolved Dyson decided he would dedicate himself to being the best person her could be, for his family.

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