Casey Jones
Wayne Gretzky. On Steroids.
Elias Koteas
Played by: Elias Koteas
Name: Arnold Bernid "Casey" Jones
Codename: Casey Jones
Alias: Casey
Race: human
Team: n/a
Occupation: Auto Mechanic. Zamboni Driver. Vigilante.
Additional Info: "GOONGALA! GOONGALA!"

Arnold Bernid Jones was born in a rough part of Brooklyn to hard-working but poor parents. Although his father owned a small auto repair shop, he was barely able to afford the rent most months, let alone make a decent profit. Mr. Jones often turned to alcohol in order to cope with his problems.

Despite his father's bad temper, Casey's childhood wasn't too Dickensian. Rather, it was a mixed bag of borderline abuse and happy memories. For example, when Casey was nine his father got drunk and took Casey out into the winter cold and spent a few hours shooting hockey pucks at his son. Afterwards, he took Casey to get hot chocolate and let Casey have some of his old hockey gear, including a custom goaltender's mask. Even though Casey came home covered in bruises and practically blue with cold, he still counts it among one of his happier childhood memories.

From then on, Casey played hockey every season, much to his parents' delight. As the years went on, he proved to be very good at the game, although he always spent more time in the penalty box than anyone else on his team. In the off-season, he would dabble with other games. However, none of them were able to hold his interest the way hockey did.

As a teenager, Casey was relatively popular in school. He was a terrible student, and had to be held back twice. However, he was a terrific athlete and his extra years only made him more dominant in high school athletics. It seemed as if Casey's attitude toward scholastic achievement would be proven right when he was drafted into the NHL right after high school.

After signing a deal with the Rangers, Casey seemed to have a bright future ahead of him. He was doing what he loved, and getting paid quite a bit to do it. But his habit of running off his mouth and getting into fights on and off the ice came back to haunt him. During a night of drinking Casey got into a confrontation with one of the Purple Dragons' members. Casey managed to come out on top in the fight.

He did not, however, come out on top when a couple of the Purple Dragons jumped him at the bar the next day. He suffered a pretty severe beating, one that caused brain damage and required hospitalization. After his bones healed up, team doctors determined that continuing to play professional hockey would be a terrible idea, and Casey was released from his contract. Worse, because his injuries had occurred while Casey was under the influence of alcohol he forfeited most of the contract's lucrative payments and was left without health insurance to pay for the rehabilitation he needed.

It was a soul-crushing turn of events. Casey was left with nothing to do but watch television while he waited for phone calls from other teams that never came. It wasn't Casey's style to give up though. Channelling his frustration into the only positive outlet he could find, he started hitting the gym with a vengeance and searching for videos tagged 'how to fight good' on MeTube. Surprisingly, this approach actually yielded some fruit. He would spend hours punching a bag until he was too exhausted to throw another punch, and then he would start headbutting the bag. Or he would go out to a junkyard or landfill and smack things with his hockey sticks or a baseball bat until he was covered in sweat.

After more than a year of almost constant practice, Casey saw a group of Purple Dragons lurking near his parents' home. After putting on his dad's old goaltender mask and picking up a hockey stick, he confronted the group. This time, he managed to beat the living snot out of them. One of them even started crying.

The rest of Casey's money quickly evaporated, but Casey didn't care. He had a new purpose in life. Inspired by the ultra-violent vigilantes from his favorite television shows, Casey Jones set about making himself a terrifying scourge of the underworld. He began patrolling almost nightly, protecting his little slice of the city from gangsters, mutants, and 'lawbreakers' of all stripes. He supported himself by helping out in his dad's auto shop, or by driving a zamboni at the ice stadiums he used to play in.

Casey's outlandishly violent approach to crimefighting had some effect, and the name 'Casey Jones' began to circulate through New York's criminal population. But his perspective was challenged when a giant turtle stopped him from beating a couple of thugs to death. After a philosophical debate, some ritualistic insult trading, and a fight, Casey was introduced to the weird and whacky shenanigans that go on underneath the city.

Now Casey's life is split between two dead end jobs during the day, and crimefighting at night. Mutants, ninjas, and turtles are some of his best friends. Casey has bought into the methodology espoused by Master Splinter, and is learning to get his rage under control to become a more effective guardian of the city he loves.

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