Alexandra Daddario
Played by: Alexandra Daddario
Name: Selina Kyle
Codename: Catwoman
Alias: Selina, CW, catwoman, cat, sel, and sk
Race: Human
Team: n/a
Occupation: Thief
Additional Info: Meow

Selina Kyle was an only child to her mother and father, a working class family in Gotham City. Selina's childhood started out happy, she had parents who loved her and cared for her. They spent more money on her than they did on themselves, giving Selina acrobatic lessons which the young girl adored more than anything. Selina enjoyed sports and when she was a little girl she envisioned herself as an Olympic champion…

When Selina's mother passed away of an unexpected illness, it destroyed her father. He had already had a weakness for alcohol (which had lead to a few bad memories between her mother and father) but with the loss of his wife, Selina's dad went into a great depression and his alcoholism eventually claimed his own life a year later.

This all happened so fast for the young Selina that age the age of 11 she found herself orphaned and in the care of the city. Unable to handle this sort of lifestyle, Selina left her foster home at age 13 and began to live on the streets. She used her quick wits and strong will to survive on her own, joining gangs of kids her age who lived similar lifestyles. These gangs taught Selina how to fight, how to steal, how to lie… and how to be a genuine Street Terror.

At the age of 18, Selina got her first official job.. at a strip club. It was here that Selina got into the 'big time' of gangs and organized crime in Gotham City. She made many contacts within this underworld society and learned a great deal of how the crime bosses of Gotham functioned. She also gained a great deal of respect from many of them, they saw her extraordinary talents as a thief, and many of them recruited her for jobs of this variety.

Selina Kyle's cat burglary talents only grew due to the amount of work she was receiving from the criminal bosses of Gotham, however… she always had a soft spot in her heart for the less-fortunate families of Gotham who she feared would have children that would end up like she had. A family ruined by debt and death, Selina has devoted herself to ridding the wealthy of their excessive posessions and pawning them for money to give to families in-need.

This is where Selina is now, robbing the rich to give to the poor. She's a woman of questionable morals in some regards, but… she's not evil. She's just, misguided.

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