Cecilia Reyes
YaYa DaCosta
Played by: YaYa DaCosta
Name: Cecilia Reyes
Codename: Cecilia
Alias: Cecilia
Race: Mutant
Team: Citizens
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: connections to the X-men and Avengers

Cecilia Reyes was born the second of two children. Her brother, Miguel, was 12 when she arrived and was immediately very protective of "the baby". This got him a lot of flack from the neighborhood boys, and he ended up in a lot of fights as a result.
The family moved from Spanish Harlem to the Bronx when Cecilia was still less than a year old. There the family lived happily for a while, but as the neighborhood grew, so did the opportunistic. Gang activity increased, and so did crime. Mr. and Mrs. Reyes began making plans to leave the city altogether, and move to the suburbs where it would be safer to raise their children, but it didn't work out. Cecilia's father, on the way home from one of his two jobs, was shot in a drive by aiming at some of the neighborhood gangbangers. Cecilia, who was waiting for her father on the stoop, saw him fall. She ran to him, screaming for help. But he bled out and died before the ambulance arrived. This cemented young Cecilia's determination to become a doctor, because if one had lived in the neighborhood, they might have been able to keep her father alive long enough for help to arrive.
So the little girl focused her intelligence on study, science, and good grades. With the support of her brother, mother, and aunt, she excelled and got into Bronx Science. As if a black Latina didn't have enough obstacles in her life, Cecilia's mutant power to generate psycho-plasmodic force fields manifested as she was walking home and a fight broke out. She got knocked down by a missed punch, but was unharmed other than a flicker of pain at the impact. For a little while she wasn't sure she'd had anything unusual happen, but her inquisitive mind paid attention. Paying more attention to her studies than her cooking, she pulled a meatloaf pan out of the oven without mitts and wasn't burned. It was only her brother's cry of astonishment that drew her attention to it. Getting caught in the snow on the way home from school, she came home no worse off than if she'd been in a summer rain. It behooved her to see what the parameters of her powers were, but after a little bit of rudimentary experimentation, Cecilia refused to even do more than acknowledge her power and put her nose further into her studies, winning a scholarship to NYU at the tender age of 16. Her mother lived to see her graduate at age 20.
The celebratory atmosphere of the graduation was marred by an unexpected visitor: Charles Xavier. He asked to speak with Cecilia alone. He revealed himself as a mutant like her, and explained that he had not only a school for mutants but was assembling a group to protect mutants and to help foster understanding between mutants and humans. Cecilia thanked him for the interest, and for his offer, but she said her life's work lay elsewhere, in medicine, helping the sick regardless of their DNA profile. Charles accepted her declination, but said he would make sure to keep an eye on her in case people choosing sides on "the mutant issue" decided to press the issue against her. She periodically speaks to people from Xavier trying to convince her she should train her gift, but stubbornly maintains her position that their way is not for her.
Cecilia's mother died a year later, of cancer she had not revealed to her daughter, just solidifying Cecilia's drive to be a doctor. Cecilia finished her next four years and residency pretty much unsupported as Miguel had joined the army and Marisol had gone to Puerto Rico to live. She got a position as MD at OMOM and works there to this day.

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