Central Park NYC
Central Park NYC
Central Park NYC
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The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches across a large portion of upper mid Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains of metal and glass.

Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.

The 'Great Lawn' is a very large open space of green grass mixed in with sports fields. This is where large groups of New Yorkers come to sit in the grass and relax and have fun with friends and family. Its encircled by concrete walkways that are dotted by food vendors. There are very few trees on the Great Lawn itself as its meant to be a true wide open parkspace.

The north section of the park contains a wide variety of activities and options for the public, including the 'Harlem Meer' which is a large body of water for fish, turtles and waterfowl, with a catch-and-release program for fishermen. Next to the Meer is the plaza run by Central Park Conservancy, the center that hosts popular holiday activites for Halloween, Christmas and beyond. The 'Lasker Rink / Pool' is another busy location for swimming in the summer and ice skating/hockey in the winter.

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