Chamber - Jonothon Starsmore
Ben Barnes
Played by: Ben Barnes
Name: Jonothon Evan "Jono" Starsmore
Codename: Chamber
Alias: Jonothan, Jono, Chamber
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: Guitarist
Additional Info: None Yet
  • Jonothon Starsmore was born to a well-to-do family in London, England. His early years were nothing particularly noteworthy to speak of, but as he got older, he discovered an interest in music. Unfortunately, instead of becoming the great classical pianist his parents hoped he'd become, he gravitated towards other, less "socially acceptable" (by their standards) music. Like rock!
  • As the rift between him and his parents grew wider and wider, Jono saved up to buy a guitar and began to practice. Night and day, 'till his fingers were blistered (and his parents' patience frayed more and more), he practiced on that guitar. He was rewarded with the discovery that he had talent and skill aplenty with the guitar. Unfortunately the rest of the discoveries in his life weren't going to be so pleasant.
  • Another reason he started playing the guitar? To cover up the voices. Yes, from the age of 11 he began hearing voices. It took a year before he realized he was hearing others' thoughts. He was a telepath. He told no one, figuring he could keep it a secret. That he could just block it out. Which he eventually learned how to do. He put such effort into blocking out others' thoughts that one day he just never heard them again.
  • At 16, confident it was under control, he started a career as a guitarist and met up with a band in London. He became their lead guitarist. Jono acquired quite the fame in the local area, and his fame soon led to fans! One of these fans was a pretty young thing by the name of Gayle Edgerton. The two of them hit it off well from the beginning, and started seeing each other.
  • Life seemed like it was all set for Jono. He had fame, money, a career path, and a beautiful girlfriend. But life has a way of exploding in your face when you least expect it. In Jonothon's case, that's literally what happened. It was his 19th birthday, and he was playing at an upscale London venue that his parents had grudgingly allowed him to play at for the occasion. After his show he and Gayle snuck into the coat closet for a bit of "fun". What happened was anything but fun.
  • In there, Jonothon's powers manifested, and he was unable to get Gayle to leave before the explosion occurred. She was left crippled. The truth of what happened was covered up; Jonothon's parents insisted that a gas main had exploded behind the closet. But what they couldn't deny was their son's condition. Jono was left with a gaping hole in his chest. And it DIDN'T SEEM TO BOTHER HIM. For a few months, his parents refused to let him go out, telling others that he was "disfigured beyond recognition" and he didn't want anyone to see him. Which wasn't too far from the truth.
  • But then a letter came in the mail. An invitation to a school called the Xavier Institute. In the letter it said that the school catered to people with his particular kind of "peculiarity" (being a mutant, of course). More than that, the letter told him he wasn't a freak. He wasn't a monster. It was a place where other people like him were, people who had the same misfortune of developing these abilities.
  • He didn't tell his parents. But he secretly contacted the address and asked how he could arrange to go. The person he corresponded with arranged a passport and all the necessary documents he'd need to get there. Even arranged his transportation. So, with nothing left to lose in London, Jono took the chance, leaving in the night when his parents were asleep. He had no idea what he would find in the States. A new life? Or more of the same?
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