The Cuckoos
The Cuckoos
Played by: ??
Name: Cuckoos
Codename: The Cuckoos
Alias: Cuckoos
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: {$additionalInfo}

The Stepford Cuckoos are clones of Emma Frost - material taken from her during one of her many stays in custody, stolen and re-stolen and somehow ending up in the hands of the evil Weapon Plus program. They were cloned for various purposes, thousands of them, but five were the star pupils, the top specimens, and they were selected to infiltrate the Xavier's Academy. Advanced in age to 16, implanted with flimsy memories and nano-prepared bones to tell everyone around not to think too much about their pasts, they were enrolled last year and have been learning how great they are ever since. They've quickly become one of the most distinctive set of students on campus - the popular girls, queen bee clique and the snotty telepaths all at one go. But what will become of them? Will they just be the weapons they were made to be, or will their budding humanity make them something more?

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