Mutant Polyglot
Played by: ??
Name: Douglas Ramsey
Codename: Cypher
Alias: Doug
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: NA

Doug Ramsey was born to Philip and Sheila Ramsey. He lives a simple life while attending school where he uses his mutant abilities to translate any language he comes into contact with. With this gift, he uses it to write software, play video games, understand computers, and translate anything he wishes to. As an established hacker, he spends his free time cracking into various systems just to see how far he can go with his powers.

Being still in his teens, Doug has yet to really have a history or a claim of anything that stands out. He tries to hide his mutant power from his family as he fears they will reject him. He also is still unsure if he really does have a mutant ability or just a great understanding of language. When trying to hide his identity, he goes by the alias of 'Cypher' because of his fascination of being able to translate anything. His first usage of the name was when he was active on the message boards of 4Chan.

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