Man Without Fear
Charlie Cox
Played by: Charlie Cox
Name: Matthew Michael Murdock
Codename: Daredevil
Alias: Matt
Race: Metahuman
Team: Nelson and Murdock and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Occupation: Attorney at Law
Additional Info: N/A

Matthew Michael Murdock was raised by his father, Jonathan "Battling Jack" Murdock, after his mother died. At least, that's what Jack told him. Jack wanted more for his son than he had ever had. He made sure that Matt studied, and pushed him away from sports or playing with other kids. Jack wanted Matt to be a doctor or a lawyer. But Matt knew better. He did his studies, and he secretly trained in his father's gym. But he didn't have many friends.

His life was changed forever when he saw a blind man walking into the path of an oncoming truck. Matt was only nine years old, but he ran into the danger, pushing the man out of the water. The truck swerved to stop, but a canister struck Matt in the face, breaking. The canister said T.C.R.I. on it. It was the last thing that Matt Murdock ever saw. He never did find what was in the canister, as it rolled into the sewer.

But while recuperating in the hospital, Matt discovered that his other senses had been amplified. At first, he couldn't control it. He just heard so much noise. He could feel everything. He could smell everything. It was too much. But after a while, he learned to tune into things, like a radio. He could focus in on a single sound, or a few senses. This became his radar sense.

While in the hospital, he was frequently visited by Sister Maggie. This would cement his belief in the Catholic faith, though he never did learn that she was his mother. As he developed his abilities, he came under the tutelage of Stick, a blind sensei. On the playground, he earned the nickname Daredevil.

But then things took a turn for the worse. His father was asked to take a dive, and refused. Later that night, Battling Jack was dead. Orphaned and alone, but mostly angry, Matt used his abilities to track down the people responsible for his father's death. Because of what he did to them, Stick chose to abandon him. It was then that he realised the horror of what he had done.

He would be adopted, but it was the Church that truly took him in. He continued his training, alone, but rededicated himself to his education, earning a scholarship to Columbia University, where he would meet Elektra Natchios and Franklin Nelson. One is still very much a part of his life, but the other, well, things didn't end too well.

After that, Foggy and Matt transferred to Harvard, and after graduation, both landed a job at a major law firm. But neither one was cut out for that kind of law. And one night, while drunk, they resigned so that they could set up their own firm, Nelson and Murdock. They would hire a secretary, and he finally adopted a guise as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. More myth than man, Daredevil has become a fixture on the rooftops, helping the helpless, and defending the innocent. By day, Nelson and Murdock carry out that very same mission, except they do it legally.

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