Dark Caliber
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Tynan Morrigan
Codename: Dark Caliber
Alias: Tynan
Race: Mutant
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Tynan was born right before the first ceasefire on March 3 of 1993. Her father was a IRA (Irish Republic Army) commander. He was strongly opposed to letting his daughter grow up in a British controlled Ireland. And then in 1994, he didn't have a choice during the first ceasefire. The fighting flared back up, and the second ceasefire of 1998 went into effect. Many were strongly opposed to it, but the higher ups agreed to it. After several more incidents, Tynan's father was exiled from Ireland in 2001, taking his 8 year old daughter, Tynan with him.

The next 2 years, Tynan traveled all over the world, learning languages from her father, and the places she was staying at. The final destination for the pair though was Madripoor. Tynan's father worked as a mercenary, using the skills he learned from the IRA to make his money. He left Ty with a tutor who gave her an education at a financial cost to Ty's father. This tutor also included teaching Tynan street skills on how to survive in Madripoor.

By the time Tynan was 16, her father noticed her mutations, subspacing and memory reflexes. Knowing the kind of place Madripoor was, he started training her hard on all the skills he learned as a mercenary, and started taking her on jobs with him. Her abilities in the field caught the attention of many intelligence groups, wondering how she managed to make weapons appear out of thin air sopposedly, or how she managed to copy people's fighting skills.

When Ty was 19, her father sent her to America for a college education. Tynan managed to get a scholarship into Yale, and paid for a good portion of her schooling with her mercenary funds. She spent 4 years, earning a Masters degree in several international fields. On her summer breaks though, Ty did continue working as a Mercenary, and oversaw several contracts for her and her father. One of these contracts came with a little kitten that would later become Ty's best friend, and companion, Guardian, a Savannah Cat. Nobody expected the kitten to grow into the monster she is today.

This brings us to this year. A lot has happened this year. Tynan took a contract from a group that was connected to HYDRA. Tynan didn't know this at the time, but it was a hit on Captain America's life. She set up a sniping position outside a hotel that Cap was staying at for a news conference/spokesperson deal. When Tynan had her shot, she took it, but a news copter got in the way at the last second, and the bullet meant for Cap shattered the tail of the helicopter. Ty didn't stick around to find out what happened to the helicopter, but it wasn't long before SHIELD got a lead from one of their best agents stating who Ty was.

Before Ty could get out of the country, SHIELD caught her, and brought her back to SHIELD. She was interrogated, and even had a small chat with Captain America. Cap was convinced that Ty could do some real good if given the chance. This led to one thing, then another, and finally a contract was drawn up. Ty's choices? Join SHIELD, or spend the rest of her life inside the deepest darkest hole SHIELD could find, since they weren't going to let other groups have a chance at getting her.

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