Dark Hero
Dark Hero
Carl Weathers
Played by: Carl Weathers
Name: James Albert Weston
Codename: Dark Hero
Alias: Weston
Race: Cyborg
Team: n/a
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
Additional Info: A Gun is a Tool, It's use is determined by those who wield it. When you turn a person into a weapon, it is easy to think of them as a tool. But more often that not those who forge such a weapon forget. It is alive, with a mind and will of it's own. Handle it with care. I am handled with great care.

The conception of the Agency was something long time in the coming. With the arrival of super powered beings that can run faster than light. Supermen who can split a mountain with a punch. It is only natural the world governments would be scared. And desire their own super powered super soldiers. And countless countries tried and failed. Producing insane warriors or people who turn against their creators.

The US government wanted several things. Powerful super powered beings. Beings that would follow orders with out questions. And Beings that could be controlled. A group of scientists knew that it was pointless. They had too many restrictions and it would go against everything. Being masters of robotics, Cybernetics, genetics. Computers, all managed to get together and realize that they could not deliver what the united states wanted. Super powered robotic slaves that lacked the ability to think for themselves. Such beings might be impressive at first. But secondary engagements would make such a force ineffective as they could be out thought faster.

Thus producing sub standard soldiers. But they did agree that humanity would need soldiers. That the Heroes may not be as much a threat as their superiors may be over reacting. As they enacted a plan to break away from their branch. And after preparation, and securing materials. They broke away. Destroying their research, data, and managing to escape lock stock and barrel with every thing they needed. With plenty of assets to continue their research they agreed to be effective a Super soldier had to be willing to be devoted to his people, country or humanity. They had to be willing to sacrifice everything even their lives for the defense of others. And above all they had to be willing and understand the risks, the dangers and the requirements. And thus, The Agency was born.

For three years the Agency looked for all sorts of people who fit what they assembled as ideal Psychological profiles. And James Weston was one of them.

James Weston grew up in a military family. His father was retired army, as was his grandfather. And so West also enlisted. being wounded in combat and in training. He was one who ALWAYS looked out for his fellow soldiers and troops. More so he was willing to talk and try and disarm people with words.

He also held strong anti hero views. And eventually the Agency targeted him when he was on Leave in the American Midwest. Two agents approached him, and explained to him the videos taken in secrets by the group of heroes. At their height and when they failed allowing James to see they were human. And it softened his opinion a little. The Agency then told him their goal. To produce super soldiers. pointing out that it will always fail unless some criteria was met. And that he fulfilled the Criteria expect one. Willing to submit to the process. They informed him what the US Government wanted, and why they went rogue. James recoiled as they gathered their supplies and left a contact information and saids he could turn them in, or join them. The choice was his. They left and James was wracked with indecision, but in the end he wanted to investigate and find out more so he went to the contact location, and there with others from around the world they discovered the main facility. one hundred fifty people altogether.

James was amazed as they detailed the process would involve a lot of genetic, and cybernetic processes. Exo suits, and advanced weapons. As well asw the precautions against madness and insanity from the process. But the scientists would not force these people into the process. And the entire group could leave freely and they did. After 24 hours, James and every other one hundred forty-nine people came back. And they accepted it. The program was begun. James returned to duty and was given a treatment to simulate a diabetic attack and it allowed him to be honorably discharged due to medical reasons and emulating emotional distress took his leave. to head out where he was taken to the facility.

For three long years James was subjected to Genetic augmentation, cybernetic enhancement. Not everyone would survive the process. And it was incredibly painful, and never once did the scientists treat James of anyone as tools. But as people who were suffering for a greater good. Finally after three years. James had become the first to complete the prototype augmentation and it was time to reveal the project to the world in stages as they set up a secret home base. And outfitted him with the fully functional Praetorian armor suit. And now he is ready to storm Gotham and Metropolis and show the world, that humanity can produce Super Soldiers that will protect them. And aid the super heroes, and if needed. Stop them should they go rogue.

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