Prince of Tamaran
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Ryand'r
Codename: Darkfire
Alias: Ryand'r
Race: Alien
Team: Omega Men
Occupation: n/a
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Ryand'r is the prince of Tamaran, the third child. He found himself blissfully unaware of the rivalry and animosity between his sisters Koriand'r and Komand'r, and was caught quite by surprise when he was 5 years old and the psions conquered his world, and at the time of the invastion he was offworld training in the arts of war. Upon the conquest of his world his training started to focus on gurrella and terrorist tactics, since without the numbers his world previously had these were their only chance for victory. On an early mission to destroy Psion control infrastructure, he was captured, and as the Psions were still interested in the powers of the royal family he was experimented on. Exposed to huge amounts of radiation, as well as other tortures, driving his powers to develop, Eventually his heat powers did form, though in a different manner than Starfire, rather than bolts he could send outward, his heat focused inward, allowing him to bring his body temperature up hot enough to melt steel. Using his heat powers he escaped from the Psions and continued the war against them, until his world was a barren wasteland from the war and from the despotism of the Psions. He felt he could not face his people on New Tamaran, because of his failures, and his sister, Koriand'r sent a distress call to let him know that there was a war on her new home of earth. with blood in his eye, he stole an escape pod, and fired himself to earth.

Darkfire Logs
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