David Xanatos
Most Brilliant Man in the World
Christian Bale
Played by: Christian Bale
Name: David Xanatos
Codename: David Xanatos
Alias: David, DX, and Xanatos
Race: Human
Team: Xanatos Enterprises
Occupation: C.E.O. of Xanatos Enterprises
Additional Info: N/A

David Xanatos was born in Bar Harbour, Maine. On his 20th birthday, he received a 10th Century coin, which at the time was worth about $20,000. Using it to first invest in various stocks, it would soon grow, and became the basis for Xanatos Enterprises.

His father, Petros, a poor Greek-American fisherman, believed that David's fortune was unearned, and thus, put a strain on their relationship. Today, Xanatos Enterprises includes a genetics company Gen-U-Tech, a robotics firm called the Scarab Corporation, and an entertainment division called Pack Media Studios, to name just a few.

Shortly after Owen Burnett came into Xanatos' employ, Owen revealed himself to be the trickster Puck. He offered Xanatos a choice: a single wish from Puck, or a lifetime of service as Owen Burnett. Xanatos chose the latter, much to Puck's surprise and interest.

Learning of Castle Wyvern, Xanatos proceeded to purchase the castle and transport it, brick by brick, to New York. There, it was reconstructed atop the Eyrie Building. When the castle rose "above the clouds", it fulfilled the terms of the spell that had placed the Gargoyles in an endless slumber.

He had hoped to befriend the Gargoyles, using them to his advantage, but things did not proceed according to plan. It was one of the worst defeats of his life, leading to a conviction for receiving stolen property. But eventually, he was released, and has since redeemed himself in the public's eye.

Like with all his defeats, he learned from the experience. While he harbours no particular ill will towards them, they have had a habit of delivering him last minute upsets. If it persists, unfortunate steps will have to be taken.

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