Dazzling Disco Diva
Kylie Minogue
Played by: Kylie Minogue
Name: Alison Blaire
Codename: Dazzler
Alias: Alison
Race: Mutant
Team: team here
Occupation: Entertainer
Additional Info: Sparkle Sparkle.

Alison's parents, Carter and Catherine, were the definition of 'opposites attract'. Her father was a law student, her mother an entertainer. It isn't surprising that they split soon after Alison's birth, with Catherine walking out on them and Carter forever being embittered on entertainment as a career. When Alison was understandably fascinated by it, he continued to encourage her to follow his path and go to law school.

Through her adolescence, Alison became more and more interested in entertainment, and by the time she graduated high school, she had developed both her mutant ability and her stage persona: the Dazzler. She informed her father of her decision and that, with or without his support, she would be following her dreams. Using her powers to augment her performances, insistent that the special effects were a secret technological augmentation known only to her, she immediately found some success that slowly grew…as did her almost amazingly coincidental run-ins with costumed heroes and villains, some of tremendous prominence.

Eventually she managed to make amends with her estranged mother, although her father grew psychologically unstable and rather more distant. A brief time with her half-sister ended unfavorably, leaving Alison questioning her entire life direction, and a few encounters with the X-Men made her question the secrecy around her own mutant abilities. As Dazzler's star shone stronger, the disco queen began to wonder about what was next.

Dazzler Logs
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