No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Nolan Andrew Voight
Codename: Deadwatch
Alias: Nolan.
Race: human
Team: n/a
Occupation: Psychic "Investigator", Medium, Magic User
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Many years ago Nolan was known as Twig, a crippled streetkid who panhandled, picked pockets, and ran scam games on the streets of Gotham. An orphan, he had been abandoned as an infant by his junkie prostitute mother and bounced around from one abusive foster home to another, bullied and terrorized for years because he saw 'Ghosts'. After almost being killed during a beating he lost control of his power and physically summoned ghosts that drove his attack er insane and started fire that allowed him to escape.

On the streets he was aided by the many spirits that walked The Dark (as he called the astral plane) of Gotham. His ability was the key to his survival but between the chronic pain of his disabilities and the unrelenting barrage of spirits would overwhelm him. It wasn't long before he became a junkie, like his mother had been to dull the extremes of both.

A life of street crime saw Twig at the bottom of the totem pole more or less, but he persevered, promising himself he would work his way up someday to be 'a big deal'. By 18 he was tasked to courier a package of a new high-end drug to a gang in New York. Once There he discovered the gang leader was the foster kids who had terrorized him and had killed a young girl Twig had been sweet on. The leader recognized him and a battle ensured. Twig was beat to within an inch of his life, his heart actually stopping. The spirits flowed through him, restarting his heart and sending him into a ghost-ridden, magic fueled berserker rage and killed the gang leader..

Twig was found arrested, and after a trial sentenced to fifteen years for Murder 2 and Possession of a controlled substance. He was incarcerated at Ryker's Island. Bullied and terrorized again he was attacked on multiple occasions until he was saved by the spirit of a dead inmate named Crumble, a low level magic using hitman and theif who had died in prison. In return for ongoing protection of Twig and mentoring in the occult, all he asked was a single favor, upon Twig's release

After a decade and some change of surviving prison, bettering himself mentally, physically and 'spirtitually', the prisoner once known as Twig was paroled early. Now going by his birth name for the first time in his life, Nolan made good on his favor to crumble and called Those Who Judge, the entities who come for who the lost souls and shepherd them to the afterlife. Nolan doesn't know what happened to Crumble after that but he wished his friend peace.

Nolan was paroled and has returned to Gotham. He knows the streets are still haunted, by both human and inhuman suffering and cruelty, but no longer fears their ghosts. He lived a life of pain and suffering and he is damned if he will ever again. He has power. He has skills. He has a thirst for the finer things that were denied him his entire existence yet at the same time fels her owes the weak a chance to be protected and revenged.

These days he works the streets of Gotham. By day (and a number of nights) he is Nolan Voight of Drop Dead Investigations, a psychic PI who only advertises by word of mouth. But sometimes Nolan takes on the guise of The Deadwatch, a ghosty vigilante who has slowly been working his way through the shadews and alleyways of Gotham, using his gifts not only to get what /he/ wants, taking from the strong and predatory what they always took from him. And those who are meek he protects, alive or dead, from the evil things that lurk in The Dark, and a few who don't.

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