Demon Backlash
Demon Backlash
Title: Demon Backlash
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis: After the world merge, demon possessed people are popping up again. Oh boy. Here we go again. Who is doing this now?
Duration: February 2017 - .
Participants: Doctor Strange, Jenny, Phantasm, Raven, Captain America, Damien
Run By: Phantasm / Strange
Additional Info: Sequel to DemonInfest
  • After the world merge, DemonInfest start making appearances once more. Three DemonInfest are deposessed in Central Park by Jenny and Phantasm.
  • A magic user that was one of the many recruited in the mass effort to rescue the possession victims is murdered in Grand Central Station by a pair of DemonInfest
  • After confirming with contacts elsewhere in the world that the DemonInfest appear to be targeting magic users for erradication, Phantasm reaches out to Dr. Strange to open up a line of communication with magic users from the new world. Raven is the first to be contacted.
  • Mike starts up training sessions for magic user agents currently stationed at SHIELD headquarters on how to temporarily imbue exorcism magic into escrima sticks so they may teach it to other magic users at other locations.
  • Mike asks Steve to make arrangements to question asset Bridget Marinos on additional possible locations where Hydra could be creating more demonInfest
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