Demon Infestation
Demon Infestation
Title: Demon Infestation
Status: Closed
Synopsis: The merge between worlds has brought back to life a problem that was previously solved. And now the problem has gotten worse.
Duration: March 2014 - December 2015
Participants: Black Widow, Chamber, Cin, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Echo, Jade Fox, Hawkeye, Impulse, Iron Man, Loki, Phantasm, Tech Star
Run By: Loki / Phantasm / Strange
Additional Info: Hydra joins up with a Cult to create a demonInfest army using a lot of unwilling host bodies. A team stops the flow of demons coming into the world and a mass coordinated exorcism is done to save as many victims as possible.

*** There is an uptick of Demon sightings in New York City.

  • Mike gets sent to the hospital after one attack, gets better.
  • Demon sightings pop up in London as well.
  • Skeleton Demon causes chaos in Grand Central station. Loki, Chamber, and Shadowcat subdue the creature. During the chaos, Mike and Loki are stabbed. Ambulance crew that tried taking Mike determined to be a false crew by Cecilia.
  • Doctor Strange arrives at Leo's bar in time to prevent the attempted abduction of the bartender by several demonposessed. Identifies Leo as a Phantasm. After some followup, determines that the demon infested are tied to an Order of Saint George which apparently dabbles in the Occult and sides with a Hydra. Upon questioning Leo, Strange finds out Nightmare's more likely to know about the Phantasms than Hydra.
  • Strange tracks down one location associated with the Order which is situated in a Halfway house. Confirms that both Phantasms are being targeted.
  • Under the guise of an anti-mutant related bombing, Golem Studios collapses and Mike is abducted by the Order, taken to the halfway house Strange located previously. Loki and Strange team up to recover Mike. During the course of the rescue, Strange comes across a silent, helmeted figure that did not appear to be demonpossessed.
  • Strange finally informs Mike that the Phantasms are being targeted. Mike is obviously upset with Strange for waiting so long to give him a heads up.
  • Strange stops by the hospital Wade Shaw is in to heal him up. Runs into Dr. Marios Marinos. They exchange pleasantries and split up. Near his home, Strange is ambushed by 6 demonposessed. Strange determines the demons being put into the people are extremely low level ones and that the hosts are willing ones. They also don't answer to Nightmare. Using Agamotto, he gets the first glimpse of the one putting demons into people. Dr. Marinos.
  • Following up on fan letters making mention of the Lucia's Light lyrics being literal lifesavers, Mike has adjusted touring schedules to where he can visit the related cities, scouting out potential nesting areas for the Demon Infest as well as giving small groups of people instruction on ways to hold back DemonInfest related problems should they spring up again. Is collecting contact information of these aquired allies.
  • Strange goes over to the Demon realm to try and stop Demons from popping over to the earth realm so easily. Gets injured. Brings some *ahem* volunteers to help with the battle. Gets injured saving Black Widow's life and ends up losing his Sorceror Supreme title to Mike. The non-magic users are sent back home with their memories removed of the event.
  • Electronic recordings survive, allowing for the users to find out what happened. Natasha recommends to Fury that Mike be removed from the team.
  • Relationship a bit damaged from the events that passed, Mike yells at Natasha in front of Tony. Tony kicks Mike out of the Mansion and informs him that approaching any of the Avengers will be considered a hostile action.**
  • Natasha swings by and basically takes back what Tony said. Mike's back in. He hints that there is some cleanup needing to be done involving the Demon Infest and that they're no alone in this.
  • Mike and Cin encounter Demon Infest after visiting with Mike's aunt and running into Matt Murdock. Approximately 10 DI were neutralized and picked up for questioning and treatment. There may be a nest of Demon Infest in the Hell's Kitchen / Chelsea area
  • After a lot of round about means of passing information, music tours to travel the world, training up groups of magic resistance, and tracking down an informat, a coordinated effort to perform a mass exorcism upon multiple locations at the same time is performed, minimizing the amount of fatalities considerably. Cult members who were found at the scenes were taken into custody and the demonInfest problem died out.
DemonInfest Logs
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