Mona Pierson - Demona
Saoirse Ronan
Played by: Saoirse Ronan
Name: Mona Pierson
Codename: Demona
Alias: Demona
Race: Mutant
Team: Thieve's Guild
Occupation: Apprentice
Additional Info: NA

Mona was born in a small town in rural Maine called Orono. During the summer months, it's average small town America. Her mother passed away from complications and she was left with her father Mark. During the school year, however, the town is flooded with students from the University of Maine's campus. Her father brought her up to be curious about everything, to enjoy learning, and she threw herself into studies as soon as she joined school. This made it hard for her to make friends as she would just as often want to sit with a book and read as she would go out and play. Her father's solution to this was to get her involved in activities. Shotokan karate at Seisui Dojo there in Orono. Hunting and archery with him. Nature hikes when they could take them.
Overall, other than the lack of a mother of her own, she had a fairly good life early on. When she was nine, her father met a woman that had just moved to town when she came to their church for the first time. Her name was Mary and she seemed to be a very nice woman, the two fell in love and within six months were married. Mary was very strict but seemed to be loving, though she had a poor opinion of the unusual such as mutants, viewing them as an affront to God's order.
For five years, everything was fine. Mona ignored her step-mother's rants about mutants when they showed up in the news or her being overly strict, taking it in silence as many teens do and just accepted it as part of having parents. Six months before Mona's fourteenth birthday, in early June, her whole life changed. Her father had picked her up from the mall where she had been with some friends and when they came to a light, which was green for them, a box truck barreled into the intersection and t-boned their sedan. Her father was killed instantly, and the sudden shock, anguish from seeing her father die, and fear as the remains of the car had smoke coming from under the hood, caused her to manifest into 'Demona' for the first time. It only lasted for a moment, enough for her to push the crumpled door out of the way before she returned to herself, crawling from the wreckage.
Time spent in the hospital to recover passed quickly and she was sent home. The funeral passed and then her step-mother, in a rant at her about her grades or some other imagined issue that had slipped somewhat since the death of her father, caused her to snap and she changed again. Her step-mother kicked her out of the house. Mona had enough time to gather some clothes, her bow, all he arrows in the garage, and other supplies before she left. She also had the forethought to grab the manila envelope from her dad's desk that had all of her papers in it as well as the account book for her savings. She headed vaguely in the direction of New York, knowing that there are a lot of mutants there, and maybe she could find someone to accept her.

Joined the Thieve's Guild at the prompting of Ororo Munroe (aka Storm) after a runin with a rogue sentinel robot.

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