Director Carter
Director Margaret Carter
Hayley Atwell
Played by: Hayley Atwell
Name: Margaret Carter
Codename: Director Carter
Alias: Peggy
Race: human
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: Directing Head of SHIELD
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Born in 1921 in London, England, Peggy received her education from St. Martin in the Fields High School for Girls. She was always quite brilliant and stubborn, so at the first rumors of war, she did everything she could to enlist. Through pure gumption and brains, she became a member of the British Royal Military by 1939 and quickly moved into an advisory role to the Strategic Scientific Reserve. She was an agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service throughout the 1940s and, through this position, became exposed to the world of people more powerful than humans.
She infiltrated HYDRA during her service and, after successes, was assigned as a liaison by the British government to help the Americans combat Nazis. In 1943, she ended up assisting with Project Rebirth. She served as Steve Roger's escort to the SSR facility to undergo the procedure. After his dramatic change, she ended up being one of his closest allies. She she worked with Steve and the Howling Commandos (an elite unit of soliders) in taking down HYDRA's original installation during this time period. It was also where she lost Steve in a doomed final flight.
After the loss of Captain America whom she'd always think of as Steve She ended up leading an SSR team to destroy several lingering HYDRA projects. Some might call it revenge, she simply called it tidying up. She remained working with SSR in New York even after the war until she and Howard Stark decided they had bigger ideas. Together, they ended up founding the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. She helped the burgeoning organization not only get on it's feet, but become one of the greatest intelligence operations in the world. She also headed up a recruitment program which specifically focused on finding and training women for SHIELD. She would have the program treat men and women with equal footing, despite some of their male recruits protests.
Sadly, about five years after the formation of SHIELD, Peggy was shot and badly injured on duty. Medical intervention of that day and age was unable to save her life. Desperate not to lose his friend, Howard gave Peggy the last part of the Infinity Formula he'd been developing for years. It wasn't enough to help her recover, but it was able to stabilize her enough Howard could put her in a frozen stasis in hopes medical technology would advance and be able to save his friend. He died before he was able to finish the second part of his formula, but when Steve Roger's plane was found by SHIELD, Peggy got a second chance at life as well. They were able to pull enough of the formula from his blood to finish what Howard Stark had started. Peggy woke again to a whole new world, and a new SHIELD that needed her as much as the original. Possibly more.

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