Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Played by: ??
Name: Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange
Codename: Doctor Strange
Alias: Stephen, SS, and Strange
Race: human
Team: Citizens
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: NA
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doctor-strange dr-strange Logs

2017-03-26 Stranger Danger Pt3
2017-03-23 Stranger Danger Pt2
2017-03-19 Stranger Danger
2017-03-03 A Tale of Two Ravens, And one of the Supremes
2017-03-02 What Lies in the Dark (Merger Plot)
2016-01-01 Out with the New, In with the Old
2015-08-27 Interrogation is such a harsh word
2015-06-29 The Plan
2015-05-09 Just any old room
2015-05-06 SportsCenter
2015-05-04 Two Wongs don't make it right (Demonic Dominos Part 1)
2015-05-04 Have fun storming the castle (Demonic Dominos Part 2)
2015-04-29 EXPLAIN
2015-04-28 Asking Leo For a Favor
2015-04-25 Worlds and more collide
2015-04-06 Mike's Magic Sticks
2015-04-02 Strange Workroom
2015-02-27 A Nightmare for Leo
2015-02-27 A Complication For Leo
2014-12-29 Chaos All Around
2014-11-09 The Good Doctor
2014-11-08 The Good Samaritan
2014-10-30 Upper East Side Freak Show
2014-08-13 Loki's awake (huzzah!)
2014-08-12 Loki on a Rampage
2014-08-01 Follow Up Visits Part 2
2014-08-01 Follow Up Visits Part 1
2014-07-31 Couldn't even leave a note
2014-07-28 Wakey Wakey
2014-07-25 Early Morning Rescue
2014-07-24 The Wong Guy
2014-06-18 That's Spying
2014-06-18 That's Motivation
2014-06-17 Going Back Part II
2014-06-17 Going Back.
2014-06-17 Descent - Part II
2014-06-17 Descent - Part I
2014-05-19 Loki Lullaby
After-Lunch Conversation
Family Squabbles
2014-04-11 AIM A Little Higher
2014-04-03 The Roster With Monsters
2014-04-02 The Roster Forms
2014-03-31 The Grandmaster's Entrance
2014-03-25 A Visit From Loki and the Sorceror Supreme
Asgard Honors the Sorcerer Supreme
Assault on Jotunheim
2014-03-09 Supreme Visitor
Dinner with the Odin Clan

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