Played by: ??
Name: Neena Beatrice Boschelli
Codename: Domino
Alias: Neena and Domino
Race: mutant
Team: n/a
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Additional Info: {$additionalInfo}

Neena Beatrice Boschelli, aka Domino, is an orphaned mutant who was trusted into the care of Father Rudolpho Boschelli at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. Despite her physical appearance, she was kept safe and treated just as any other child in the orphanage by Father Boschelli (though this did not stop the other children from treating her differently.) As a result, she did not grow up feeling she was as much of an outcast as she could have.

As her powers were manifest from birth, Neena grew up finding that any activity she participated in seemed to go her way (this also lead Father Boschelli to giving her her middle name of Beatrice from the Latin beatus, or "blessed".) Often accused of cheating by the other children when playing games with them, and thus barred from participating, she turned her attentions to athletic and solitary pursuits where it was accepted that she was simply more gifted than others.

Having reached her eighteenth birthday without adoption, Domino departed the orphanage to seek a life of her own. Knowing that her physical appearance would bar her from most lines of work and single her out for discrimination, she decided to focus her talents and incredible luck in the field of private investigation.

While working as a PI had its moments, it eventually became a touch too boring for Neena. She didn't just want to snoop on cheating husbands or learn the whereabouts of a fugitive, she wanted to chase after them and bring them in; that's where all the excitement is, after all. And so it is that she finds herself chasing after various bounties, under the moniker of Domino.

Domino Logs
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