Jeremy Howard
Played by: Jeremy Howard
Name: Donatello
Codename: Inventor
Alias: Donny, Don, Donnie
Race: Turtle
Team: TMNT
Occupation: Inventor
Additional Info: "Booyakasha!"

Life was average in a pet shop in Manhattan, a simple inoffensive turtle seeking no more in life than the next leaf of lettuce. It was a simple life, but a very good one. The store was warm, there was ample lettuce, and nobody really bothered him or his clutch brothers much. This all changed when a human adopted him and his brothers and carried them away from the shop, only to run afoul of a catastrophic accident. It's impossible to describe what Leo thought while the cage was falling into the sewers. Some disquiet, a bit of apprehension perhaps at the sudden drop, but he had his shell, his brothers and there was still lettuce, so all was okay.

It's a terrible thing to suddenly become self aware. He learned to read by his father that is a rat, indeed a rat he cares for very much. Also he became tech savy with the ability to make anything from what others see as junk.

Over the course of time with the help of Master Splinter. Not that he was still a normal turtle himself, having mutated in the same accident that created Splinter. What had happened topside nobody really knew, let alone what the ooze that had transformed them all had been, but they did know that is was probably best not to be seen any time soon. Soon enough he was learning Ninjutsu from Master Splinter, and taking to fighting the criminal gangs of the city. Why? Because someone has to. And when a ninja clan starts to wreak havoc and nobody else can deal, who else but a ninja to put a stop to them? Four Ninja in this case. Four Teenage Ninja. Teenage /mutant/ ninja. Okay, teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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