Remy Etienne Lebeau / Gambit
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 195 lbs
Name: Remy Etienne Lebeau
Aliases: Gambit, Red-eye Guy
Distinguishing Marks Black eyes with red iris
Education No Formal Education
Special Abilities Alpha Level Mutant
Known to charge objects with some form of explosive energy
-Hydra scientists have hypothesized that it may be some form of kinetic, or inter dimensional energy
-Preferred method involves charging playing cards with energy, and throwing them at opponents
Appears to have enhanced agility
-While this does not seem to be related to his explosive abilities, his agility does indeed seem enhanced.
-Footage of the man in action have shown him to be able to jump, flip, etc., with greater ability and ease than even your top athlete.
Other Skills Master Thief
Was at one point in time a member of the Thieves Guild, though due to politics, was cast out
Well trained in various methods of criminality, including but not limited to:
-Security Systems, traditional and modern. Well documented accounts by Hydra of breaking and entering to all manner of locations from private homes, to military bases. Unconfirmed reports that he at one point was able to infiltrate the Weapon X Facility and remove classified documents. [Editor's Note: Assign agent to verifying this claim. If he managed to pull this off, he's very impressive. Someone with his skills could be a great value to the needs of Hydra, or a great hindrance to our cause.]
-Known Con-Artist. See report from Agent Yvette Aucoin. ((Report #7585517aru - Paris Division 10/31/2015))
-Stealth. Seems to have extensive training in numerous techniques to prevent himself from being found, either by human senses or electronic devices.
Personality Profile [Editor's Note: When it comes to personality, there are numerous differing reports regarding this man. It is the belief of this editor that Mr. Lebeau, when possible, should be brought in for interrogation, and examination by Hydra psychologists.]
Suave, knowledgeable heroic sort
-((Report #7733545lrd - Chicago Division 7/25/2009))
-((Report #6009171mjm - Berlin Division 2/17/2010))
-((Report #7585517aru - Paris Division 10/31/2015))
Immoral, self-serving ne'er-do-well
-((Report #7970229jrw - Moscow Division 3/25/2008))
-((Report #7135421bcr - New York Division 6/19/2011))
-((Report #8084971soa - San Francisco Division 12/05/2014))
Possible sociopath [Editor's Note: More information required, this assertion is only really referenced in one report]
-((Report #7733545lrd - Chicago Division 7/25/2009)
Additional Notes

Remy Lebeau is the adopted son of Jean-Luc Lebeau, the head of the New Orleans branch of the Thieves Guild.
-His birth date and birth parents are unknown. Contacts from within the Thieves Guild state that Lebeau was abandoned as an infant, and later adopted by Jean-Luc Lebeau who believed Remy to be the answer to a prophecy.
-He was trained by the Thieves Guild to one day take over the reigns from Jean-Luc. Reports from inside the Thieves Guild state that we excelled quickly within the ranks.
An arranged marriage is set up between Remy Lebeau and Belladonna Bourdreaux, the granddaughter of the head of the Assassins Guild, in hopes of creating a truce between the two factions.
-Julien Bourdreaux, brother to Belladonna Bourdreaux, disagreed with the marriage, and challenged Lebeau to a duel at the wedding. Lebeau refused, but Bourdreaux persisted, and was killed in the process.
After killing the Julien Bourdreaux, Remy Lebeau was excommunicated from the Thieves Guild.
After his excommunication, Lebeau broke out on his own, and continued his training as a thief, and became a freelance agent.
See attached reports for further information regarding Lebeau//


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