Phantasm / Michael Hannigan / Nick Drago
TEAM: Avengers
Date of Birth: June 3, 1991
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lbs
Name: Michael Hannigan
Aliases: Nick Drago - Stage Name; Michael Nicholas Drago - Birth name; Mike
Distinguishing Marks large scar on arm, large scar on the back.
Education GED
Special Abilities Currently the only one hosting the Phantasm abilities in the waking world. {Traveling through dreams to cover large distances, Dream forms of varying levels of tangibility, extracting elements out of dreams temporarily }
Magic user
Other Skills Music, Drawing, Acting, Fighting style is mostly street with influences of the Escrima training he's getting (training from Black Widow and various SHIELD instructors).
Personality Profile Mood swings heavily related to his physical state, the amount of sleep he has, and the tasks he is currently engaged in. When well rested, is more controlled in actions. Under extreme fatigue, will switch over to more agressive reactive state. The agressive state is stronger but more prone to mistakes.
Big brother mentality despite being an only child. Protective. Can be used against him.
fiscally conservative - Multiple financial accounts, compartamentalizes
Additional Notes Current Civilian Occupations: Actor, Musician
Past Civilian Occupations: Convenience Store Clerk
Citizenship: American - 2nd Generation
Known Religion: Catholic
Parental/Guardian Background:
Mother was Eileen Hannigan - Irish American - Catholic - Was married to Savio Drago. Marriage annulled. Presumed abuse for reason. Lived primarily in Hell's Kitchen before moving to Hoboken, New Jersey with son. Occupation as a hotel maid. Killed in a staged robbery of the hotel she was working at. Case buried.(June 2001).
Father : Savio Carmine Drago - Italian American - Methodist - Building market - No known direct contact with the Hannigans since Eileen and Michael moved to Hoboken and after a failed attempt to gain custody of his son after Eileen's death. Due to age of child, uncertain to how much Michael knows of him. Occupation in business sector. Still living.
Aunt was Fiona Hannigan - Irish American - Catholic - Librarian - Guardian of Michael from the ages of 10 to 18. Place of residence was Hell's Kitchen. Deceased. Natural Causes. (July 2014)
Basic Background:
Attention brought to Hannigan initially by his interactions with Loki. Initially listed in here for potential leverage against the Asgardian.
Further attention brought up with the Demon Warrior program. In an attempt to pull in stronger demons into the fold, a special request for a Phantasm as well as the identities for the ones sharing the ability was given by Nightmare. Subject was listed as one of them. While the second was listed as Leo DiBartenda.
First attempt to acquire Hannigan failed due to interference from Loki and a Dr. Cecilia Reyes (ID shown) identifying the planted team to not be who they said they are. Bodies of the ambulance team were located later.
Second attempt to acquire Hannigan was partially successful. After putting out rumor Hannigan may be a mutant, Golem Studios blown up and made to look like the work of anti-mutant extremists. Subject taken to Halfway House NY 1 location for prep for chipping and posession but was rescued by Loki and a Dr. Strange (Magic user). Halfway House NY 1 location compromised. Location cleaned prior to SHIELD showing up.
Avengers have pulled target into their ranks in junior status, focus on acquiring an initial Phantasm has switched over to Hannigan's predecessor, Leo DiBartenda
Prolonged usage of the Phantasm ability by the acquired and converted Di Bartenda vessel has led to the surprising side effect of fatiguing Hannigan to the point of using medication again. Intent is now to fatigue him to the point of easy retrieval for usage as insurance against Nightmare.
Plan nixed as Dr. Strange, Black Widow, Loki, and Phantasm track down DiBartenda. Halfway House NY Location 2 compromised. Location cleaned prior to SHIELD showing up. Nightmare agreement dissolved.
Obtained report from sources confirm that Hannigan has obtained full Phantasm abilities and is now full status.
Further reports implicate subject as being the one that compromised asset MUTE. Majority of Demon Warrior program locations compromised and breeched by SHIELD operatives.
Current Threat analysis: High towards projects that may be considered personal. Otherwise does not appear to be concerned with activities. Do not engage unless necessary.
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