TEAM: Avengers
Date of Birth: June 3, 1991
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lbs
Name: Michael Hannigan
Aliases: Nick Drago - Stage Name; Michael Nicholas Drago - Birth name; Mike
Distinguishing Marks large scar on arm, large scar on the back.
Education GED
Special Abilities - Is capable of becoming unseen, unheard, and intangible which can be a stealth related plus. This could also be a security risk.
- Able to travel large distances in short amounts of time. Heavily dependant on others being within a certain area of where he needs to go.
- Able to pull things out of thin air
- Magic user
Other Skills Music, Drawing, Acting, Fighting style is mostly street with influences of the Escrima training he's getting.
Personality Profile Mood swings heavily related to his physical state, the amount of sleep he has, and the tasks he is currently engaged in.
Has a tendency to overwork himself.
Big brother mentality despite being an only child. Protective.
fiscally conservative - Keeps his finances separate, with a vengenance. Career expenses get funded by money made from that specific career. Has an Avengers stipend for when he's here doing Avengers business. (In his words: "My profession, when I'm not on tours, filming, or hawking products, I'm essentially unemployed. And if I DO agree to the Initiative thing and get fd over physically in the process, I can probably kiss those gigs goodbye.")
Additional Notes Current Civilian Occupations: Actor, Musician
Past Civilian Occupations: Convenience Store Clerk
Citizenship: American - 2nd Generation
Known Religion: Catholic
Parental/Guardian Background:
Mother was Eileen Hannigan - Irish American - Catholic - Was married to Savio Drago. Marriage annulled. No official reason given when looked into. With the anullment approved by the church, likely reason was one of the four As. (Abandonment, Abuse, Addiction, or Adultery). Lived primarily in Hell's Kitchen before moving to Hoboken, New Jersey with son. Occupation as a hotel maid. Killed in a robbery of the hotel she was working at. Cold Case (June 2001).
Father : Savio Carmine Drago - Italian American - Methodist - No known direct contact with the Hannigans since Eileen and Michael moved to Hoboken and after a failed attempt to gain custody of his son after Eileen's death. Due to age of child, uncertain to how much Michael knows of him. Occupation in business sector. Works in the building market. Still living.
Aunt was Fiona Hannigan - Irish American - Catholic - Guardian of Michael from the ages of 10 to 18. Place of residence was Hell's Kitchen. Occupation as librarian. Deceased. Natural Causes. (July 2014)
Basic Background:
Reasonably quiet background until moved back to Hell's Kitchen after the mother's death. Uptick in hospital records for the first few years. Talk with residents indicate he may have been bullied a lot before he learned to fight which would explain the hospital visits early on. No police reports available to coincide the fighting talk.
Expelled from school for a fight. Appears to have been placed on sleeping medication around that time. Obtained GED. Stabbed working in a convenience store. Joined a band. Heads back to Hoboken for around a year after car accident kills half the band. Presumedly this is where he ran into Leo DiBartenda who made him into Phantasm.
Comes back to New York and starts solo career. Befriends Loki.
Abducted from Golem Studios the night the studio was blown up. Loki and Dr. Strange retrieve him. Teams sweeping the location afterwards found potential links to Hydra. Hannigan is brought in under Jr. Avenger status partly due to keep Loki happy and also in part to make things difficult for Hydra. Any doubts to usefulness was quelled when Phantasm removed an angry Hulk from a crowded nightclub without any adverse effects to civilians or to himself.
Here say from tabloids indicated Hannigan may a mutant due to the Hulk incident and overanalysis of song lyrics. Hannigan has opted to neither publicly deny or confirm his status. Tests of samples obtained from hospital confirmed he is not a mutant. Position on issue is to leave status publicly vague as it could make for political leverage one way or the other. Presence of Sentinels nearby may compromise this approach later.
Appears to have befriended a Dr. Stephen Strange, magic user of a very high level. May have been training under him while also training with the Avengers. Has also taken to training with Escrima under Agent Romanoff when schedules permit. Has opted for melee type weapons over firearms.
Ended up inheriting whatever abilities Strange has after a group of Avengers and X-students were taken to an other world battle. (Video 2feseq-24112) along with some magical BS that doesn't allow for him to directly communicate with his team what he's working on.
Agent Romanov recommended removal of Phantasm from the Avengers while he was Sorceror Supreme. Recommendation taken into account and promptly dismissed due to previous reasons for recruiting Phantasm in the first place.
Iron Man has a tantrum and kicks Hannigan out of the mansion. This lasts all of four days before Agent Romanov brings Hannigan back as a full fledged Avenger. Romanov reports at the time she came to retrieve Hannigan, he was 'in the middle of a floating telepathic conference call with a group called The Defenders' and that she was apparently on Strange's roster list. Also his return to the team has conditions due to the Sorceror Supreme title due to 'a jurisdictional thing'. Information gained with the new abilities can't be shared with the team unless it's to protect the world from outside forces (alien in nature?) We are also 'not alone in handling the demon problems on earth'.
He has been taking advantage of the rooms more likey to be under surveilance to indirectly communicate information about who to look for. Has been doing a lot of international travel using the music career for cover. Hints dropped indicate issues to be demon related and have lead to locating an informant that had the locations to several Hydra Occult sites.
As of January 1, 2016 Phantasm relinquished the Sorceror Supreme abilitiesand title back to Dr Strange after an encounter with Sentinels in the TimesSquare area.

- Celebrity status can get him in through some doors others can't. It also limits the ability to use cover IDs.
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