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Played by: ??
Name: Jose Luis Torres-Ortiz
Codename: Echo
Alias: Jose
Race: Mutant
Team: Student
Occupation: Student
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Jose life at least to him was fairly ordinary. Aside from his mimicry ability, there was nothing special about his life. He had parents, two sisters, one of which was his twin. While young both his parents encourage his love of learning. When he became interested in robots and programming, they hopped on board and bought him a computer, and erector sets. Life was good. That is, up to the age of 12. Their family had decided to go on a vacation to Florida that year and go camping for the twins birthday. From there he was witness to a horrible crime. The secluded camp ground they were staying at became the target of a group of supposed thieves. Jose at the time was out exploring the nearby forest when they showed up. There was to be no witnesses, or clues left behind of them being there. That was the plan at least. The sound of gun shots came, at first he thought it was some hunter until he started hearing the screaming. Scared and nervous he ran back to the camp to find his family. But it was two late by that point, they were dead on the ground and preparing to shot the other folks and for the moment Jose stood there shocked and crying.
When one of the thieves heard Jose crying they turned and prepared to shoot him. Before they could shot though, Jose unleashed a horrible wail that could be heard for miles around. This disorienting wail caused thief and camp occupant alike to cover their eyes and stagger about until they eventually got knocked out by the increasing sound. Overwhelmed by the events he witnessed and his own screaming, Jose had fainted. When next he awoke, he was in the hospital. The doctors couldn't explain how everyone was knocked out, but they did have to let him know that his parents and sisters where gone. Jose himself couldn't remember what had transpired, but he didn't want another family. A few days later he began his life as a runner.
The next few years were tough, but he eventually learned how to survive on the streets, avoid people and more importantly avoid the system. He did get caught quite a few times, especially in the beginning. However no one could explain the horrible wailing that seemed to happen where ever Jose ended up, or how when everyone else is knocked out, Jose is perfectly fine, but unable to tell what happened. This was to be the pattern for the next few years of his life, at least until he was enrolled into Xavier's School for Gifted Children.

Echo Logs
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