Angelina Jolie
Played by: Angelina Jolie
Name: Eir
Codename: Goddess of Healing
Alias: Eir
Race: Asgardian
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: Royal Healer, Goddess
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Eir is from a time of unwritten history, before the time of Odin AllFather. No one can remember who bore her, but stories tell of the sadness of the Goddess who has watched her family wither and fade into nameless Legend. When not healing, she took to the fields as a Valkyrie, serving in multiple capacity.
Throughout her years, and travel between the realms as necessary, she has gathered information from the herbs and flora of the Nine Realms. Something of a passionate research for her, it is always running in the back of her mind. Her research has yielded many, many tomes that she has penned with her own hand. Some of the tomes have been lost to legend, though most she still keeps in her possession. As darker arts were discovered with her alchemy, such as the abilities to raise the dead, these pages were taken and hidden.
Being a presence when Odin was young, she finally left her age old home in Vanaheim for the Palace of Asgard. There, she took a mantle of Royal Healer, running the infirmary and training young women in her arts. Personal healer of the ruling family. This, of course, drew her closer to them as they grew and he later had sons; Thor, and later, Loki. While she was close with them, she took most to Loki. First as a nursemaid, though later, more in the role of a close friend.
She will wade into war when asked, accompany the Royals when necessary, but for the most part, Eir remains on Asgard these days. Close to home.

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