El Gato
Nicole Scherzinger
Played by: Nicole Scherzinger
Name: Alejandra Marie Martinez
Codename: El Gato
Alias: N/A
Race: ??
Team: Citizens
Occupation: Spa Receptionist
Additional Info: NYU Sophomore

Alejandra Martinez, or Ali for short, was born in Santa Cruz, California to two different Puerto Rican parents. Her mother was young when she had her and had met her gang banging father (he was a member of the Desperados in LA), ending up pregant with her older brother. They were married and then a few years later, Ali was born. However her mother didn't want that type of life for her children and divorced her father when she was only eleven years old. Tried as she might, her older brother was already in the lifestyle and her mother took Ali while her brother went to be with his dad.

Ali was already treated special by her mom but was also so shelter….at least her mother thought so. Secretly the young girl had been meeting up with her brother to spend time with him no matter how much her mother wanted her away from his habits. Thanks to him she learned how to fight and defend herself if she ever needed to, even though he was that overprotective brother. Miguel always knew how to push her button - especially when he would send some of his boys (as he joined the same biker gang as his dad) to keep an eye on her. But that still didn't stop her from being a straight A student, president of BETA club, and all around 'little miss perfect' as she was dubbed in school. But as they say: you can't judge a book by it's cover.

At the age of seventeen, her life changed forever. She started to have strange dreams about being a giant cat or chasing after the neighborhood pets until she woke up naked and covered in blood. Terrified she'd approach her mother but her mother seemed frustrated than worried - turns out her mother knew it was a possibility because not only was her father a werecat but her brother too. Even that morning, her neighbor and childhood friend DJ cornered her and asked her what was going on and that he saw a giant cat scale up her house into her window and watched it change into a naked her. But that was just the tip of the apex. One night, she would seem to be drawn to the woods outside of town…the night of a full moon. That was the night of her first cognizant change and she ended up getting into a fight with another type of shifter that too was having their first change.

Being a junior in high school was eventful to say the least. She ended up falling and dating her neighbor DJ. They went through a lot from saving his sister from hunters because they though he was a shifter to finding out that he can actually use magic. This solidified their bond and even drew them into becoming close to another friend of theirs, Shin. The three of them were almost always hanging out, practicing and training to hone their strange supernatural skills. But when high school starts to come to an end, real life starts to smack you in the face and hard.

After DJ graduated and moved, they promised to stay together and she made sure to work towards trying to follow him out to New York. The young Latina aced school and graduated top of her class which earned her a full scholarship to New York University. As soon as she left she headed straight to DJ and found herself a job almost immediately as a receptionist for a rather high end spa. It was almost perfect now….being with her high school sweetheart and majoring Business Management at NYU of all places!! At least a year or so has passed and here she is: still a werecat (though much more in control of her powers), with the love of her life, and trying to have SOMETHING of a normal life.

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