The White Queen
Emma Frost
Lena Gercke
Played by: Lena Gercke
Name: Emma Frost
Codename: White Queen
Alias: Emma
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Headmaster - Xavier's School
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Xavier's School: Headmaster and Teacher of:
Math, Business, Government, Sociology, Psychology

Emma Frost was born into a wealthy family in Boston, one of three girls and one boy. The middle sister, she and the others developed mutant abilities. After some considerable interpersonal drama, she ended up leaving home, refusing her father's offer of his company and fortune. Never hesitant to use her telepathic abilities for her own advantage, she soon found herself a part of the Hellfire Club. Finally surrounded by those like her, able to hone her abilities and develop them to the level she has always desired, Emma has ascended to the Lords Cardinal, the position of White Queen.

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