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Played by: No bah dy
Name: Crispin Aldridge
Codename: Flipper
Alias: Crispin
Race: Mutant
Team: n/a
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Crispin Aldridge lived a reasonably normal childhood, with typical working parents in the suburbs of Santa Cruz. Their house was rather expansive, and left plenty of room for Crispin and his older brother Calvin. Calvin was ther more athletic of the pair, while Crispin was more the quiet brainy type. The only sport Crispin stood out in was swimming, and was often left in his older brother's shadow.
They didn't have a serious rivalry as some brothers do, but they weren't always so tolerant of each other. Their parents, always at work, thought they were perfect angels while they were gone. Crispin was just as guilty as Calvin in having his fair share of messes, but Calvin took most of the blame since Crispin 'couldn't possibly do THAT'. As they grew older their rivalry began to develop. Crispin was becoming a handsome young man, and Calvin was used to getting all the attention. This caused more than a few fights between them, including Calvin trying to lock him in a chest just before a date in an attempt to make it as though he were standing the girl up so he could take her out. Crispin lost quite a few dates like that, but he knew he could get back at him in other ways. Afterall, Calvin wasn't really that smart. Itching powder in his underwear drawer, changing answers on his homework, getting into his computer…
Occasionally Crispin got into trouble all on his own, which overjoyed Calvin emmensely.
Crispin always had a facination with water, and was looking toward a career in water sanitation. A school field trip soon changed his mind.

The 8th grade school field trip was to a Sea World like facility, where people could look at and sometimes even touch various sea mammals like dophins, sea lions, manta rays and so on. The shows were fantastic, and educated rather than just making dolphins do random tricks. Crispin was captivated and amazed, and begged to learn more. The people who worked with the animals wouldn't let him get close enough to the Orcas for him to see, but directed him to the tour that led through a tunnel under the ground that passed the tank the Orcas were kept in, so they could get an underwater view of them.
The tour was long and seemingly boring. They passed a lot of fish and other strange watergoing critters, until finally they came to the Orca tank. It was massive, and the huge window only showed part of it. As they grew closer,and his excitement grew and grew, Crispin began to develop a strong headache. They were only halfway through, too. Gulping down a couple of analgesics from the tour guide, he stayed with the group, though the woman's words quickly faded in and out of his attention as he started hearing a peculiar sound in his head. As they paused, Crispin leaned a heavy shoulder against the glass, watching his classmates oogle over an Orca coming close. He placed a hand on the smooth cool surface and that's when he heard it for the first time:
"Have you come to take us back home?" a voice in his mind asked curiously while his ears seemed to hear the shrill sound of a whale singing.
Looking up at the massive creature, then at the class group, he raised a trembling hand to the glass again, and was presented with the question again. "Have you come to take us back home?"
Without a sound, the young man dropped to the floor in a dead faint. His parents were rather disgruntled at having to pick him up at the nurse's station, and he was taken to the doctor to be checked out. At the time, nothing physically wrong could be found with him, so they took him home for a day of rest.

Over time, Crispin began to notice changes about himself that he refused to aknowledge or tell other people. He noticed that opening his eyes underwater no longer burned, as if there were something protecting them. He could swim with more endurance and not tire as easily. The changes started to occur over the summer of him going into high school, and he just attributed the changes to getting older and stronger.
His parents announced that his father had been transferred to another office in New Mexico, and they would have to move. Because it was summertime, school was out, and he was seamlessly enrolled in the new school. Calvin had graduated and was looking for jobs in the Santa Cruz area, wanting to go to college and stay where the fun and the sun was.
New Mexico was hot, almost intollerably hot to Crispin who was developing an adversion to being outside in the heat for very long. Over the summer he ended up at the emergency room several times for dehydration despite drinking almost literally gallons of water a day. His parents left it up to the fact that he just wasn't used to the weather and figured he would adjust to it.
School began, and thankfully the air conditioning eased his discomfort. He joined the swim team at the new school and started off his freshman year on a good foot. He found that he needed to buy new shoes every couple of months, his feet seeming to grow at an incredible rate. The growth spurt made him ache and caused quite a bit of pain that left him akward at times, especially with his feet. The typical school bully types picked on him for having big feet for such a slender body, but hey, they helped him win on the swim team more than a few times.

Despite being somewhat of a loner, Crispin made several good friends. They knew him well, and he knew them well, and for the first time Crispin felt he belonged somewhere. He even had a steady girlfriend, a Sophomore named Hyacinth. But they too noticed gradual changes in Crispin and were slightly concerned. His hands seemed to outgrow his skin, the fingers grew longer but the skin between his fingers made them look webbed, like Fish Man or something. He kept them hidden as much as possible, wearing fingerless gloves which doubled as being stylish. Over the school year his feet continued to grow, and the more embarassing portion of his mutation began to disturb him. He found that sitting down hurt quite a bit, and for the life of him couldn't figure out why. He had been hit square in the duff by a soccer ball in gym class, but he didn't think he'd been hit THAT hard…
His parents finally took him to the doctors and he was given x-rays. It appeared there had been a little growth of his tailbone, which was highly unusual. It was decided to keep an eye on it and come back for a check up.
Well, over the summer going into his Sophomore year there was no way he was going in for a check up. By the time school started again, he had grown a tail. Only a couple of feet long at first, it still grew. His feet had reached their full growth, and hiding them became a chore. He used his father's credit card to order custom shoes, which would make him seem incredibly tall but would make his feet look somewhat normal outwardly. They were hard to walk in, and he became clumsy, tripping over everything. He had to quit the swim team- who would believe he was growing a tail?
Frustrated, he continued his fast and painful evolution through the summer, finally reaching its end just before the middle of July. He couldn't understand what was happening to him, it both excited and terrified him at the same time. How was he ever going to get a job in the real world? Until now he had kept his physical oddities under wraps, but what if there came a time when he would need to expose his mutation? Mutants were hardly heard of in this day and age. Would he be prosecuted as a freak? He kept it well hidden from his parents, which wasn't hard considering they both worked and were rarely
around when he was. The only comment they made was about how he had inherited his huge feet from his Uncle Max, which was a hint to Crispin that perhaps the mutation ran in the family.

Crispin had dreams of going to college, but in this heat and dryness he found that he had to stay indoors most of the time. He started a semester of summer school in New Mexico to get a head start on some advanced non-credit classes, but before he could get any further he had to stop, unable to tolerate the heat. He had to bathe at least twice a day, or stand under a shower to rehydrate himself. He had to get out of this desert hell and to a cooler, wetter climate.
So after some hefty research he managed to score a transfer into a school in Bayville where the climate is much more tolerable.

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