Played by: Undecided
Name: Remy LeBeau
Codename: Gambit
Alias: Remy
Race: Muant
Team: n/a
Occupation: Freelance
Additional Info: n/a

Gambit was born without a name in a hospital in the lower wards of New Orleans. His parents abandoned him to the state the moment he first opened his eyes, showing from birth that he was different. He would have been shipped off to an orphanage and forgotten about had the Thieves Guild not intervened. He was believed to be “Le Diable Blanc” (The White Devil), the one prophesied to unite the Thieves Guild and Assassins’ Guild, putting the end to a long standing war between the two.

The Guild put Remy in the charge of Fagan’s Mob, a group of street thugs who were known to use children as pickpockets and thieves after politics within the guild threatened to have the child killed. Fagan’s Mob taught Remy how to be a good and effective street thief. While under the tutelage of Fagan’s Mob, Remy was for all intents and purposes an orphan looking out for himself.

Remy’s life changed drastically when he was around 10 years old. One night he tried to pickpocket the patriarch of the Thieves Guild, Jean-Luc LeBeau. LeBeau, recognizing instantly who the young boy was, took him under his wing, adopting him into the family. As a LeBeau, Remy learned even better how to hone his abilities as a thief.

Shortly after hitting puberty, Gambit’s bio-kinetic charging powers began to manifest themselves. He kept this a close secret, not even letting his friends or family know. He would practice his control by himself late at night, far from the others to avoid being discovered.

Before he was even a man, Gambit was told he would wed Bella Donna Bourdreaux. Bella Donna was the granddaughter of the head of the Assassins’ Guild. Remy didn’t object. He had known the beautiful Bella Donna since they were both 8 years old, and had often had a flirtatious relationship. Bella Donna’s brother Julien was not so pleased however. He challenged Remy to a duel at the wedding ceremony. Remy refused the challenge, but Julien pressed anyways. In an act of self defense, Remy killed Julien.

The death of Julien at the hands of the adopted son of the head of the Thieves Guild put any hopes of a truce to bed. Remy was excommunicated from the guild and drove from New Orleans. Gambit wandered the world, making a name for himself as a master thief. During this time Remy made several contacts in the underworld, and even more enemies.

Remy’s powers were growing the more he used them, and he feared that he would soon lose control. One of his connections referred him to a Dr. Nathaniel Essex, Mr. Sinister in disguise. Gambit went to see Sinister, who removed a small portion of his brain tissue to reduce Gambit’s power and in turn make them easier for Remy to control. There was a price for the process that would haunt Gambit for the rest of his life.

Gambit’s payment to Mr. Sinister would come in the form of Remy forming a team of mercs and assassins for a very particular job. Remy was oblivious to the fact that the team he was assembling would be used to harvest mutants by the dozens for Mr. Sinister’s vile genetic experimentation. When Gambit realized what the team he had assembled was up to he tried, unsuccessfully, to avert them. He himself was nearly killed by Sabretooth for his effort. He did manage to save a young mutant girl named Sarah, who would never forget the handsome stranger who rescued her.

While still technically barred from the Thieve’s Guild, Remy would still do the odd job for the Guild under the table. There were those of course who knew who Remy was, but kept his secret safe, at least for the time being. The cajun set up shop in New York City, where he could lose himself in vast numbers of people living there. He now mostly works as a free agent, taking on jobs that interest him.

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