Played by: ??
Name: Alphonsus Lefszycic
Codename: Gomi
Alias: Gomi
Race: Cyborg
Team: Fallen Angels
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: NA

The name Gomi means 'garbage' in Japanese. It was given to him by his cousin's lab partner Tadashi Fujita, a college senior in Ramon's class. The pair showed amazing promise in the scientific field, hailed by their professors as being two of the most brilliant scientists. They were granted a federal research grant as well as use of college funded facilities. With the amount of research into cybernetics they were doing, they received additional funding, but from an anonymous donor. They set up shop near Coney Island, developing a research lab and employing the use of Ramon Lipschitz's younger cousin as a lab assistant. The assistant remained nameless until Tadashi finally learned of his hatred of his real name and dubbed him "Gomi", making it sound as though he had given him the gift of a proud Japanese name. Accepting the name, Gomi did pretty much whatever his cousin told him to do, sweeping, cleaning, moving things… general servant work. His payment was general shelter and food. His mother was mostly absent from his life, spending most of her time out of town or out of the house. There were only rumors as to what happened to his father. He slept in the back room of the laboratory, and ate little. With no family structure, Gomi was often left on his own, and turned to books and research as his companions.
The mutant phenomenon was largely unknown to the general public, but there were those in close scienfific circles that were experimenting with mutant powers, hoping to understand them… even replicate them. That's where Ramon and Tadashi's experiments came in. They aquired a couple of lobsters from the local fish market and set about to perform their experiments. Gomi named them Bill and Don, Don being a blue mutant lobster used as a control for the experiments. They were outfitted with metallic exoskeletons and implanted with modifications that gave them enhanced strength and intelligence. They were strong enough to tear a phone book, and while they couldn't exactly solve complex algebra, were intelligent enough to understand commands and general things. The curiosity of the two students was insatiable and they wanted to know morea nd experiment more. They couldn't do much more with Bill and Don, so they turned their sights on a larger specimen - Gomi.
While Gomi was cleaning the lab, Tadashi and Ramon conspired to use their little lab rat as their next experiment. With no qualms or moral repercussions Ramon took a jar of chloroform and rendered Gomi unconscious. The surgery was difficult and extensive, the slightest miscalculation could result in well…a mess. And if they failed who would they get to clean the lab? Obviously a lot was riding on this procedure being a success and unfortunately none of it had anything to do with Gomi's well being. Eventually he awoke, finding himself bandaged around the middle and his hair shaved, head wrapped in bandages as well. After a day or so of recovery, Ramon and Tadashi had him try out his new superpowers. Gomi focused on an object near the door, trying to use mind over matter to lift the object but instead felt a sharp pain in his head and a burst of uncontrolled telekinetic force burst from the young man's mind, blowing the object to pieces along with the door and half the wall it was attached to. The blast knocked Gomi back and he fell unconscious while his cousin and Tadashi spazzed out. Their funding from school depended on the successes of their experiments and how were they EVER going to pay back the college for trashing their lab? In a fit of panic they picked up the boy and drove him as far from home as they could imagine, taking Bill and Don with them. They made it as far as Bayville, New York and dumped him in an old, ghetto alley. When he awoke once more, the two students were long gone and all he had besides the clothes on his back was the two lobsters. Living on the street wasn't something Gomi was used to doing, even with the help of Bill and Don. Just when he thought things were sinking as far as they could go, a woman from CYS discovered the homeless boy and took him off to a shelter. Gomi had lost parts of his memory. Did he have any family? He didn't know. Either way he was abandoned as far as the courts were concerned and soon he was placed with a young foster family that lived on the outskirts of town. While he now had a home with the relatively well off family, his life has changed dramatically since the cybernetics were implanted in his body. He thinks he's lost part of his soul, and perhaps in a way he's right. But while he has Bill and Don, he continues on, without much ambition and with little feeling toward anything.

Gomi Logs
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