Grave Gal
Grave Gal
Played by: ??
Name: Zyraline Melanie Alexander
Codename: Grave Gal
Alias: Zyraline
Race: Metahuman
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: Seamstress
Additional Info: Undead, Nonmagic


Born in the farmlands of Kenosha county wisconsin, Zyraline had a nack for sewing, and a penchant
for anatomy. Everyone thought she was going to become a fine lady-doctor one day, or at least a
veteranarian. A fairly normal childhood. And that's probably how it would have gone too. Sadly,
Zyraline was walking down the sidewalk in town, when a truck's tire popped, and the truck
careened out of control, PULVERIZING Zyra into a brick wall. She was dead. the EMT's pronoucned
her dead on the scene. Her parents cried. There was a service for her, and she was buried.
Someone had been dumping chemicals in empty plots in that particular graveyard, and a few weeks
later, Zyraline awoke, locked in a box. PANIC grabbed her by the throat and she shrieked and
clawed at the inside of the box for minutes, before exausted she managed to calm down a bit.
minutes turned into more than an hour and zyraline realized she didn't need to breathe. well that's
one problem taken care of. she started trying to break the coffin. Eventually more direct strikes
allowed her to break 2 of the planks. The chemicals had softened the wood somewhat. Carefully,
so as to not get COMPLETELY stuck in dirt, she began digging a hole up, shoving the soil to the
bottom of the coffin, kicking it down with her feet. After who knows how long, she managed to
claw her way to the surface, and taste the cool night air.
Zyraline knew her old life was over, and wether or not her parents even would accept her, it wasn't
who she was now. She Set out to figure out who the NEW her was. What she could do, what she
wanted, and preferably not get buried again. but this puts her in a ,,, uniquely difficult position.
Technically a minor. Sortof a citizen. what kinds of rights does a walking corpse have? Not old
enough to vote, dead, walking around, and only a matter of time before people start noticing.
A week after Zyraline awoke and escaped her grave, she was approached by two un-assuming men
in a moderately nice suits, one holding out a business card. The shield agents discussed with her
the circumstances around her 'revival'. It was decided that until more was known about her abilities,
Zyraline's parents shouldn't be involved, yet. Zyraline wasn't even sure she wanted to go back to
that life, that she COULD go back. Foster care was not necessarily the best answer either for a
fledgling meta. While shield is NOT a babysitting organization, keeping an eye on zyraline for the
time being, until some kind of support network can be found for her, was deemed the best idea. so
the agents arranged a flat and a part time job for her… stability. financial and mental. Plus it's
easier to keep tabs on someone with a job and an apartment.

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