Sergeant Major
Josh Holloway (Lost)
Played by: Josh Holloway (Lost)
Name: Cole Cash
Codename: Grifter
Alias: Cash, Grif, Deadeye
Race: Metahuman
Team: TBD
Occupation: Mercenary
Additional Info: A number of government agencies are aware of Grifter.

Cole Cash is older than he looks. He was born in Gotham in 1957. He and his brother, Max, were raised by their mother (and her abusive second husband). Both brothers learned how to fight back very early in life, just to cope with the beatings their stepfather dished out. Cole stayed around until his mother passed away, and he turned to a life of crime — mainly as a con-artist.

A very good con-artist. A 'grifter'.

Cash was arrested for his crimes eventually, but due to the fact that he prevented his partner from shooting a police officer, he was shown a degree of leniency. He was drafted into a black-ops military group (codenamed 'Team 7'), but also subjected to experiments to grant him, and his comrades, 'abilities'. It was all in the name of 'serving one's country'. Cash was bestowed with telepathy, telekinesis, accelerated healing and longevity. He also proved to be such an excellent shot his team-mates took to calling him Sergeant Major 'Deadeye' — but he hated the 'abilities', and their 'side-effects' (such as addiction to the 'rush', and eventual madness). They conducted top secret missions all over the world in the name of "the greater good of these United States"… until Cash eventually quit, years later.

Then came the WildC.A.T.s.

Wild Covert Actions Teams. This proved to be the perfect change of pace for Cash, who, since leaving Team 7 behind had taken to calling himself 'Grifter'. Their methods were better than Team 7, and they fostered a genuine sense of 'belonging'. The WildCATs guarded Earth primarily from extraterrestrial threats (particularly a race of psychic, shape-shifting parasites called Daemonites). Cash teamed up with humans, metahumans and other aliens such as the Kherubim — even falling in love with one of the latter. He became the only male to be trained in an elite form of combat, which not only made him a fearsome soldier, but helped him repress his despised psychic abilities AND their side-effects.

But nothing lasts forever. It ended for Cash when he was kidnapped by the Daemonites. In an effort to 'craft' better human hosts and sleeper agents, they experimented even more upon Cole Cash, while attempting over and over to brainwash him. They failed in that, at least. He was rescued by a mysterious government agent, who gave the name 'Warick'. Warick then left him in a cheap hotel room with a duffel bag with fresh clothes, money, weapons, a false identity — and the promise that they would be in touch.

The WildCATs had disbanded.

Cash went back to being a con-man, using 'Grifter' more often than his real name — but gradually the results of the Daemonites' tampering revealed themselves. His old, hated powers returned — 'in force'. Cash could not only hear the thoughts of others — he could hear the Daemonites posing as humans, as well. His telekinesis proved stronger than ever. His healing factor also came back — and now without the side-effects he had suffered in Team 7. A further run-in with Daemonites revealed that Cash could use their technology, which required telepathy to operate.

But none of these 'returned gifts' made him any happier. He still saw himself as tainted. Furthermore, his abilities — especially his telepathy — made him a liability to Daemonites in disguise, effectively putting a target on 'Grifter's' back. To add insult to injury, only Cash could tell that the people he killed were in fact aliens in disguise — now he knew how an old friend (from the WildC.A.T.s.) had felt, as she too, had had the Sight. To the general public, it appeared that he had murdered innocent civilians. This was not the case. The aliens gave chase, in human form, and in their mad efforts to capture Cash again, they murdered his brother, Max. Still they came.

Cash had nowhere to go — and then the mysterious agent (Warick) who had rescued him returned. The agent wanted to recruit him… sort of. Cash would not be an Agent as such; he would be a governmental Asset. Someone with Cash's reputation could not be officially associated with most agencies, so Warick would keep the authorities at bay (providing Grifter behaved himself), and Grifter would in turn make himself available to them when called upon. Cash agreed, if only to get the local law enforcement off his back. Now he works as a mercenary — who sometimes does official 'gigs' when needed.

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